2013 HOF Speeches

My Quit – Hall of Fame Speech

Hall of Fame KTC 5Hello I need to address one thing first I am an addict addicted to a sick painful drug she has a name NICOTINE. I loved this drug more than I did myself, my wife, the air I breathe I would do anything to have this drug. Lies these are the hard part for me I lied to everyone who mattered to me even my own family. I even acted discussed at the sight of someone dipping snuff in front of me while I was with my family, secretly saying I love you to the can she was in. I would gladly go to the store to buy anything at night just so I could have and be with this drug I am an addict after all. How did I become an addict at such a young age well it is my fault. See Where I grew up in central Texas you drank on back roads and if you were a MAN you dipped snuff. So to prove my man hood I would dip snuff and sooner than later I was looking at 16 yr. of nicotine use. The reason that I quit dipping was purely one step that I needed to take to stop the demise of my body that I had created. I am now able to look at myself in the mirror and clearly say I am quit. I am thankful for all the help that I was given during my quit from the forum members that reached out to me.(TCell) I am now on day 217 looking back I am glad at the choices I made and will continue to keep my promise that I am 100% quit. The one word of advice is KISS Keep it simple stupid stay quit one day at a time sometimes it may only taking it one minute at a time just don’t give up. Thank you kill the can and all the members that I have met and kept me going strong.


NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member dkite

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