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Net Gain’s Road to Freedom

net gain avatarI never did an Introduction because I came in on day 25. I’ll start with what brought me here… On April 20, 2017 I found out a very close friend had been hiding lip cancer from me. His wife stopped by the house to tell me and showed me post-operation pictures. We have known each other for 20 years and chewing together was just as natural as breathing for us. After she left, I packed my lip and got on the lawn mower…thinking the whole time that I needed to quit someday. April 20th ended up being THE SOMEDAY. That was the last time I dipped! I had never tried to quit, because I knew I would fail and disappoint myself…and who wants to disappoint themselves. But the next morning when I woke up to go to work, I knew it was now or never. There were chew cans flying out my car window as I drove to work, some of them full (I’m never a litterbug, but I had to rid myself of the temptation as fast as I could).

The next few weeks were pure Hell that I was not at all prepared for. I thought I just needed a few weeks to “kick the habit”. Boy was I wrong! Between the not sleeping, the rage fits that came out of nowhere, the poor me syndrome that life really sucked without a big fat chew in, and the fog…let’s not ever forget the fog.…I slowly realized that if I really intended to quit for real I needed help. So, I gave myself a few hours to search online for help before buying a can…because the only thing that kept me going this long was the thought of my friends lip. And at this point I am beginning to rationalize that it’s his lip not mine anyway. As I’m searching online there is that KTC again, I stumbled across that when I was looking for fake dip…What do I have to lose, as of right now it’s either sign up or chew.

I never would have imagined that I would be dip free for 100+ days. My routine has never varied…Wake Up Piss Post! I even moved my alarm earlier so I wouldn’t mess that up. During my time here on KTC, I have learned a few things that I feel are the keys to a strong quit…

  1. Post roll every day! This is the single most important lesson I learned. Without promising a bunch of strangers that I wouldn’t chew that day, I probably would have had a dip the first week I was on here. Special thanks to all my July 2017 Patriot Brothers for keeping me Honest!
  2. Get over whatever phobia you have about giving your number (digits) to strangers…at least here at KTC. I have 26 KTC contacts in my phone and none of them has tried to sell me on their favorite pyramid scheme…All have helped me…some have been by my side when the Nicotine demon tried her hardest to reel me back in. Exchange Your Digits!
  3. Branch out your support! There are other people and groups besides the group you are in…each one of them needs to feel support just like you do! And you can learn/teach each other about what to expect during certain day counts.
  4. The more support you put out there, the stronger your quit becomes. You are not only promising your HOF month…now you are making your promise to a whole new group or groups, and now they are also expecting you to keep your word for 24 hours…can you do that?
  5. Drink the Kool-Aid and drink it deep! Nobody here wants to see another quitter fail. We have all been taught how to preserve our quit…Ultimately it’s up to each of us to make it happen!

There are a lot of serious quitters I should be thanking for helping me stay quit, but at the risk of forgetting someone…you know who you are. I know my digits are in your phone like yours are in mine. Together with all you BadAss Quitters is the only way I see myself staying quit…so I WILL see you in Roll tomorrow!

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member net gain

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