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Dance RecitalJust sat through my daughters dance recital. Two and a half hours of tutus, sequins, tap, jazz, ballet, and all dance related shit. First time in 13 years I’ve ever sat through one without a dip in. Never so much as had an urge and actually enjoyed the heck out of it. Saw a couple of dads in there that had a dip in, they were fidgeting, looking around as if wondering if anyone saw that they had a fatty in. I saw them and used to be one of them, big fatty in, looked ridiculous and tried to look inconspicuous…what a fool! Watching with nic free eyes made things much clearer and made me appreciate things a heck of a lot more.

NOTE: This piece written by forum member Move Forward

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  1. Amazing how much the world changes when you’re free from the nic chains isn’t it? It also amazes me how many dippers I see in my daily life now… trying to hide their habit from the world. No thanks – I’ll just stay quit!

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