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Nip Energy Dip New Flavor Review – Mixed Berry and Coffee

Nip Energy Dip New FlavorsThe first time I reviewed a product from Nip Energy Dip was way back in May of 2011. Nip is super unique in the fake dip market in that it’s made from natural sea sponge. They’ve gone through a name change (it used to be called Nip the Grip) and have rolled out a few new flavors over the years. In addition to their original Wintergreen Ice flavor they’ve released Raw, Peach and Vanilla over the years. I’m thrilled to see this long time player in the smokeless alternative market continuing to innovate as they’ve just released two NEW flavors: Nip Energy Dip Mixed Berry and Coffee.

Nip Energy Dip Mixed Berry Review

The product itself, the shredded sea sponge, hasn’t changed much since I first reviewed it. I’ve always been blown away with just how much juice this product contains and produces in your mouth, especially right out of the gate. This is a very different flavor for Nip and does have an outstanding sweet berry flavor. I’d be hard pressed to tell you which specific berry it is but it’s definitely got that taste. Definitely not blueberry or strawberry specifically but more of a combo of multiple berry flavors… hence the name ‘mixed’ berry.

The energy ‘juice’ produced by all Nip Energy Dip flavors is made to be digested but the sponge itself is not. I’m going to go ahead and lift the next couple of lines directly from one of my previous Nip reviews because they still hold true.

Don’t let this one “float” too much in your mouth or you’ll get pieces of sponge in the back of your throat.

I was surprised at how quickly the juice / flavor went away. 

If there’s one negative with Nip products its that second one… after that initial flavor burst the flavor really doesn’t last all that long. That said, while it’s there its outstanding.

Nip Energy Dip Coffee Review

Right off the bat you’ll notice that the coffee product is a MUCH darker brown in the can than the Mixed Berry. This has a really nice flavor to it, but if I’m being honest I’m not sure that I would be able to tell you it was coffee if the label wasn’t on the can. That’s not to say its not good because it certainly is. In fact it’s great. It just doesn’t have those big overwhelming coffee flavors and aromas that I’ve come to expect from coffee alternatives. The product itself (the sea sponge) is amazingly consistent. Quite literally the only thing that’s different from can to can is the flavor and in coffee’s case, the color. For folks that use these alternative products regularly this is an outstanding quality as you know what you’re going to get when you order from them.

Final Thoughts

I first sampled Nip Energy Dip over seven years ago and I’m thrilled to say they continue to produce a great product. As with my original review I have to point out that this one is still ‘rough’ on my gums and if I was using fake dip with any regularity I’d have a hard time with this one ripping up my gums.

The fact that they continue to develop new flavors, and really welcome flavors at that, is really impressive. This isn’t a traditional dip so it’s not for everyone but if you’re a flavored dip fan give these a shot as I think you’ll really be impressed.

You can find Nip Energy Dip on their website at or on Amazon where you can get single cans, multi packs or sampler packs. Special thanks to Lexi from Nip for providing me samples to try and review.

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