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Not Intramurals – This Is Division 1 Quitting

trispankook avatarMy decision to quit: In 2007, I decided that tobacco was running my life. Well, not just running my life, but consuming every waking moment. Like most of you, my days were spent either dipping or thinking about the next opportunity to have a dip. I was a closet dipper (a ninja dipper :ph43r: ). I hid my addiction from almost everyone and I was good at the lie. Deep down I knew that I had to quit. But to tell you the truth, I did not know why I had to quit until I found the killthecan.org website. I spent 15+ years of my life a slave to nicotine. I know what that feels like and I know who that guy is. What I did not know was who is the guy free from nicotine? It is for this reason alone that I quit and will remain quit. And so my journey begins. Each day is different (for the record to date: the first three really sucked, so did days 28 &29, I almost screamed at an old lady around day 60 and I was mildly depressed in the 75-80 range) but each day is truly a new experience as I get to know the guy who is not addicted to nicotine.

Why killthecan.org?:
On October 25th, I ran a google search for quit smokeless tobacco and stumbled on the site. The Feb 08 quit group had just been opened a day or two before. I read a few posts:

“Damn…a guy builds a home for some newbies…40 stokes a nice fire and you gotta be a dick?”
“For the new folks who might be thinking about joining: this site isn’t necessarily just for gay people. It sure seems like it sometimes, but it isn’t.”
“I’m in kind of a mood today too. Let’s see what can I do to feel better? 
40’s a fag! That kind of helped. 
40’s a fag! 
40’s a fag! 
40’s a fag! 
40’s a fag! 
40’s a fag! 
Okay, I’m in a good mood now.”
I figured if I’m going to quit, I might as well quit with a bunch of folks who understand the addiction and generally make me laugh my ass off. It’s the people on this site that make the difference. It’s tough love and a whole lot of bullshitting, but it helps to make it through those first three days. Or day 85. Or day 1,000 someday.

Big Thanks:-To the wise men and newly minted vets: 11X4, Loot, Chewie, QT, WWB, Crazy Aces, Speedy, Pedro, and the rest of you old bastards.

-To my quit group: Hasenfefer, Steel, FM, FireLt, Stoltzie, Cookie, TPLake, DDT, Syman,.if I missed anyone you need to post more often, assholes.

-To my wife: You are everything in the world to me. I quit to make myself a better person. You inspire me to do great things.

Remember this is Division 1 Quitting. Not Intramurals.


NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member trispankook

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