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One Hundred Days – That’s The Way It Is

candoit avatarThat’s what they do not understand about the Hall of Fame and what they never tell you is that when you get to one hundred days; you are also day ninety, eighty, seventy, sixty, fifty, forty, thirty, twenty, ten and day one. And when you wake up on your Hall of Fame Day you expect to feel all one hundred days of quit, but you don’t. You open your eyes and everything’s just like yesterday, only it is today. Moreover, you do not feel like you have been quit for a hundred days, you feel like you are still only eighty days of quit. And you are still eighty days– underneath it all. Each one of those +1’s marking a new day.

There will be days you might be in a fog, and that is the part of you that is still day sixty. There will be some days you sit in chat all day because you are raging, and that’s the part of you that is still day thirty. And maybe many +1’s later, when you have your comma, you will need to post like you’re on day ten; and that’s okay. That is what I tell the quitters when they are weak and need the support. Maybe they are feeling day one. And that’s okay.

Because the way you add to your days is like a vortex post, each quote fits one inside of the other, each day inside of the next one. That is how being a hundred days quit is.

You do not feel one hundred days quit. You type the number, but you do not feel it right away. That is how being one hundred days quit is. You do not feel that you are at day one hundred, not until you are almost two hundred days. That’s the way it is.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member candoit

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