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I’m An Addict – Finally Getting To Writting One

sethayers90 avatarI’m an addict, there I said it. It took me 10 years of addiction to finally say that I have an addictive personality. I have been addicted to just about everything you can think of sex, tobacco, drugs, alcohol, you name it, been there done that. I’m only 24 and I can say that, I’m not proud of it but I can say. I though it would be easy to quit using tobacco, I mean Hell I’ve been through rehab twice, I have all the tools I need right? That’s what I thought all the times I tried to stop in the past, you know the story a week here a week there never anything longer than that.

My finding this site came from two different things one me not wanting to hide the fact that I dip and two my wife one night woke up out of the blue and told me she had a dream I died of lip cancer. I’ve never been one for dramatics but I figured Hell why not give it a shot so like any 20-something I typed “how to quit dipping” into Google and this site came up. I read everything I could and before the night was over I had posted my first roll and through away the rest of my stash I was done.

The story doesn’t end there no this is only the beginning and I knew that, like I said I’ve dealt with the craves before the late night sweats and the romanticizing. The first three days were literal Hell, I didn’t think I would make it, I think I had to look at the roll maybe every five minutes so I could see that promise. Once that was over I figured I was in the clear, fuck I got this. Naw the nic bitch was sitting there waiting I went a few days without posting roll and as I was at the CS counter about to buy a can Sir Nope texted me and asked if everything was alright, and my face went pale, I’m pretty sure I almost threw up, I sprinted out of that fucking store without buying anything. But I didn’t cave.

Lastly I hit day 100. I wasn’t the post roll poster I believe I ended my 100 at around 89 percent. Hell the old me would have said that’s respectable, but fuck that I don’t want respectable. I allowed complacency to creep in and that’s where cavers come from, and I know that I never want to be the person explaining to the guys and girl of December why I couldn’t resist the cat turd. So from here on out it’s my promise to each and everyone of you reading this that I will post roll EDD. And for those of your reading this for inspiration, stick with it quitting is easy compared to the regret and shame you fell when you have to explain to the KTC community why you couldn’t stay quit. Today is all the matter worry about the rest when it comes.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member sethayers90

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