Princeton New Jersey Prohibits Tobacco Sales To Customers Under 21

Princeton Sets Tobacco Age At 21Princeton has become the 7th New Jersey town prohibiting tobacco sales to customers under 21.  The town’s board of health unanimously adopted an ordinance Monday evening (4/20/2015) banning tobacco sales to those under the age of 21.

Board member George DiFerdinando said, “The real impact of increasing the tobacco age of sale is putting the legal purchase outside of the social circle of those who initiate.” He continued, “It has minimal impact on those who are currently smoking.”

The law will go into effect in 3 weeks.

Most states currently set the tobacco purchase age at 18. New Jersey, Alabama, Alaska and Utah are the only ones that set a minimum age of 19 for tobacco sales.

A bill pending in the Legislature would make New Jersey the first state to increase the legal age to 21.

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