2015 HOF Speeches

Woosel HOF Speech – I Have Learned

woosel avatarOnce again as I have become a hall of famer for the third time and final time, there are many people I need to thank and apologize too.

First of all I would like to say I’m sorry to August 2012, and June 2013. I started my journey with those guys several years ago, and failed them miserably. This quitting thing just is not as easy as it seems. People come and people go. Some cave and some just go away. For those groups I fell into both categories. All in all weakness and not keeping in touch with my brothers and reaching out for help caused my failure.

Now to the good stuff. I have tons of people to thank, first off my wife and kids for supporting me. I’d like to thank god for the strength to come back and face the humility of a third day one. I’d also like to thank Cmark for getting me to post that day one January 15,2015. I want to thank everyone who held me accountable to answer the 3 questions again. I’d like to thank flaw who still continues to hold me accountable to a higher extent. Also I will hold you to our deal and you will post with me on day 311. Okie Hunter and TXTACO thanks for challenging me to post roll with you for 100 days, I will continue to post with you both beyond 100.

Now for my brother of quit Kasherms, none of this was possible without you. You have kept this nic bitch off my back and off my mind. Then Big Kahuna came in and we got put in time out with our shananagins. Thank you Mcarmo for sticking up for us. We stirred up so much shit and it was all in fun to keep our minds off nic.

All of the groupme guys BMonday, Pab, GA, Fireman, Triggerhapy, nevermore, TH17, WS, Turn, DrStober, Bleakness, CF1k1, and anyone I missed.

I’d even like to thank big sexy for being there my first night and taking the constant beating we gave him from his half assed quit.

I have promised you kash I will be here and I have learned I have to be here to keep quit. I will be successful and I am successful in my quit. I will also continue to lean on those that can support my quit. I will promise to continue to be someone you can lean on as well. I thank you all in April 2015 and everyone at KTC for allowing me back and helping me keep quit. Once again thank you all and I love you all.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member woosel

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