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Quit Now – 100 Days Down

KillTheCan LogoSo you were about 15 or 16…..maybe younger and your friend, brother, co-worker, or whoever offered you a chew, may have thrown up like some or not. Then you just had one while you were hunting, working, or fishing- next thing you know you’re sneaking around because you don’t want to get “caught” and you’re up to a tin a day or more. Fast forward another 12 years for me (I’m 27 now) and you’ve had a few scares where you felt something that was funky on the inside of your mouth, nice…..Just cut down for a few days and it feels better, back to loading up. That’s the last 12 years for me, but I would much rather talk about the last 100 days.

I was at a “get-together” on April 1, 2008 and I reached for my trusted companion Mr. Grizzly and he wasn’t there…..must’ve forgot him at home, no one else to bum one from either….shit. So that was the first time I went more than a few hours in the last 12 years without a chew, by time I left the store was closed as well…..didn’t think I would make it. So then I found this website and started to read around and couldn’t believe the wealth of information available….My quit date was April 2, 2008 I signed up and promised myself and every other member I was going to do it this time. The first three days or so it was tough to even get out of bed, but nothing was a surprise because it was all laid out on KTC.

The first person that “talked” to me was Redtrain- thanks brother and you may have been the reason I stuck around, I could see someone actually gave a shit. One of the next people I “met” was ODT which then I read his story….that’s when it hit home, a guy who hunts and fishes and loves the outdoors, it could’ve been me. After I saw the pictures I told myself that if I ever was going to cave I would get ODT’s #, call him and tell him, because if anyone could read that whole story and look at the pictures and still want to throw a fatty in- it would be one of the most disrespectful stupid things you could ever do, period. Don’t think it’s going to happen to you? Don’t be a fool. Thank you and I’m sorry. Then there is Jpine….I know what you’re doing and why you’re doing it and I hope others do as well, because it’s a great thing and you’re helping people a ton more than they know- thank you. I will still however continue to call you a homo/douche/shitbag/etc, just so you know. I would like to also thank the entire admin of KTC and all of the members as well, you are doing nothing short of SAVING LIVES with what you do here.

If you’re reading this and thinking about quitting but still not sure these are some things that will help. You need to quit for yourself, other people (wife, children, etc) can be motivation, but I firmly believe that if you’re not doing it for yourself, it will be much harder if not impossible. Use this website to it’s potential, if you’re craving start reading, call in sick to work for the first few days, this is MUCH bigger than that. Don’t be a pussy and look at the pictures, those are real….that’s what really happens. Use the calculator for days quit and money saved- the day this is posted I will have saved over $500, that’s also for real, and in 20 years it will be $36529.20, that’s right…..do the math. Also when you quit you will hear “one day at a time” a lot…..understand the concept and grasp it- stay quit today and then worry about tomorrow when it arrives. Post roll call EVERY day, I believe in my 100 days I missed twice, which was two more days than I should have. The people here hold you accountable and if you are truly ready to quit you will find no better place. Again, thank you to everyone and one day at a time. STFUAQ

H.O.F. 7-10-08

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member gherritz

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