2014 HOF Speeches

Slug.go’s HOF Speech – I Am With KTC And I Am Quit

I stumbled on this site while doing research on how to truly be quit. I knew from my previous stops that I needed some outside assistance to break this 33 yr. old addiction. 
I read and read for a few days before signing up and posting roll in late January. I practically lived on this website for my first 45 days, was in Chat almost every night from day 10-present. I admit that I was one of the lucky ones, had no real physical withdrawal symptoms. I did have craves, but nothing out of this world. The oral fixation from my previous constant ninja dipping was a stumbling block and Hooch and gum were/ and still are my constant companion. 

I drank a metric ton of water, ate a lot of fruit and exercised twice a day to get through some of the mental fog.

I had tough days and great days. I am type A+ and I like being in charge and devote myself 100% to things. Same with KTC, I put myself out there and if I ever caved there would be a line of quitters up and down the street to kick me in the nuts. Sapper and Lipi would kick me in the nuts, then get back in line.

Cyber-met a lot of fine folks on here. I text Krusty and Sapper almost daily. Pbrain, Ex-Nuke and Wintergreen, too. Same with Grizzclaws, RTPope, Done4me and Aggieheismanziel. 

Other online supporters like Ginet, slarowe (ladies first), Bronc, sixer, Sir Derek, Tarpon, Mogul, Emulator, marcusaurelius, Doc Chewfree, Done W Dip, Lipi, Ledbettin, Bucknutz, Rdad, derk40, MN_Ben, 2mch2lv4,and JamesGordon just to name a few. I know I’m forgetting some people here, do not take it as a slight. 

Of course, all of May have been inspirational, most positive, a few negative. To those who have caved or gone MIA, when you took your negativity away from this site, it made all who remained a little bit stronger, and a lot madder at the nicotine bitch for our loss.
When ready to come back, answer the 3 questions and get back in the fight. 

Without KTC, I would still be a dipping idiot. With KTC I am 100+ days quit idiot! Will I dip tomorrow? Not sure. Will I dip today? Hell, no!

Every morning I get up, brush my teeth, take a shower and post roll. I will continue to do just that, worked pretty damn well so far! 

I bought a HOF coin and had my quit date and ODAAT engraved on it. The end of my quit will be engraved on my tombstone.

I am with KTC and I am quit. 

Fuck you, tobacco. Just. Fuck . You.

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