Why We Meet – The KillTheCan.org Brotherhood

FLORIDA LUKE, Radman & Wedge

I wanted to share something with you that I recently ran across on the quit forums.  We talk all the time about how our site is built on accountability.  I’m often asked how we’re different than other groups out there and what makes us “better”.  I’ve talked about that in … Continue reading

The First KillTheCan.org Marriage

Carter Ashley

If you know much about us, you’ll realize very quickly that we don’t pull punches when we talk about who we are and what kind of support we provide.  And while we have a ton of quitters who meet one another in the “real world” one thing we’ve never billed … Continue reading

Lunch With a Quitter

kdip, tarpon17, bubblehed668 & Aglawyer

It never ceases to amaze me how much quitters have in common.  Regardless of social background, political affiliation, etc. two quitters can get together and chat about nothing but “quit” and feel totally comfortable.  I had the opportunity to meet a fellow quitter this afternoon for lunch and once again … Continue reading