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Thanks @ 50

Thanks At 50At 50 days I’m looking at this thing and going wow. Whod’ve ever thunk it? 50 days without Copenhagen. 50 days without my constant friend and companion. 50 days without my (so called) giver of life and happiness.

It has been 50 days, and while this warrants no official celebration, it does make me want to do something I feel I have been remiss in doing. Saying Thank You.

To the site owners and administrators, Thank You for keeping the site going. I may have done the heavy lifting for my own quit, but it was the help I found here when the burden was too heavy that has kept me going.

To everyone…

Thank you for being a part of my quit. The thing that has been great about coming here is the fact that you all are, at various stages, making this journey with me.

Thank you for letting me be a part of your quit. Helping you all actually helps me stay quit too. It also brings me great joy to see those days increment by one.

Thank you for listening to me while I bitched, even when it had nothing to do with my quit.

Thank you for chewing me out and setting me straight when I went astray.

Thank you for giving me a place to vent when the anger seemed so bad.

Thank you for keeping me honest and forcing me to keep my word. I truly believe that a few of you will find me and kick my ass if don’t live up to my promises. (More on promises below)

Thank you for sitting up with me in the chat room. Sometimes we were serious, sometimes we had fun. But mostly we bonded.

Thank you for being my friends.

But mostly, thank you for being part of saving my life.

This journey is far from over. In many ways, it will never be over. But I am confident I will stay clean thanks, in part, to all of you.

I will end this with one promise (Told ya there’d be something else on promises). It is actually one I made a while ago, but I am reaffirming it. I promise that I will call each and every one of the phone numbers I have been blessed with since joining before sticking a pinch of dirt in my mouth. I will begin by asking your permission to resume killing myself. I suspect a few of you will say, “Yes you may” and even offer to buy me my first roll. But I also believe I will find most will say “permission denied!”


NOTE: This piece written by forum member WildWildBil

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