2014 HOF Speeches

Thanks For Saving My Life – String11’s HOF speech

KTC Logo Old PhotoHow do I begin? First off, thanks to all the KTC family for the initial help with the fog, which is as real as it gets. I waited until 114 days to start writing this, not because of any special reason, other than it just wasn’t something I wished to take lightly.

I’ve been clean, and I mean clean, no nic whatsoever, no alcohol, no fake snuff, nothing….. not that it makes me any better of a quitter, but simply because I want this to be my last time to ever post a HOF speech, to ever post a day 1, to ever let something have control over my life (other than sex with my wife). I chose no fake snuff because I knew I wasn’t man enough to separate the fake from the real. I know several awesome quitters that have used it and done well with it. I was too scared and hopefully I’ll stay scared for several more 1000’s of days.

It truly makes me sick to my stomach and almost to the point of actually throwing up when I see a long time quitter come in here and post a DAY 1. First, I want to know how the heck, then I wonder why, then I think, I’m that guy if I ever let my guard down. For the people that come here and read this during their initial quit,take from me this one thing…….. POST DAMN ROLL and don’t just do it for the first 100. I have seen several that stopped posting in my own quit group and unfortunately I know, in time, I’ll see them post the dreaded day 1. For some dumb ass reason, people think you can beat this. We are all addicts, and it will only take one lip turd to trigger us. Embrace that fact, and by God post up.

For all that were in my group, I owe you my life. For the vets that got in touch with me during the fog, a big thank you. You may never meet me or my family in person, but me, my wife, and two children thank you as well a huge thank you to KTC. I take my quit serious and will always be indebted to the group of February 2014 as well as KTC.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member String11

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