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njohns23 avatarA few weeks ago I bought a new car. This was my first brand new car and would be the only vehicle that I would ever drive that did not have any form of nicotine in it. I was pumped. I started the process of cleaning out my old car and when I started cleaning out the trunk I notice something by the tire jack. It was a unopened can of grizzly straight. My stomach dropped as I looked around thinking someone would see me holding a can and think that I had caved. I quickly stuffed it into my bag of trash and through it away. The panic that had gone through my head slowly started to go away as I reminded myself that I had posted roll that morning and that I kept my word, I didn’t open the can and made sure no one else would have an opportunity to open it.

Why tell this story?? A few reasons, first life is always going to present challenges and you need to remind yourself that nicotine is not a answer or a way to fix what is going on but rather will just add to your problems. Next if I had not posted EDD since I Quit I might have opened that can Just to see if it was still good. I can honestly say even now on Day 704 I know that this fight against nicotine is real and it is life or death still. I was, am and will always be a Addict Thing is now I am a recovering addict that is still taking it one day at a time. Don’t try to set lofty goals or be impressed by the number of days Quit you or someone else is, take each day for what it is,24 hours and fight the fight that day and put that on repeat. If you can do that you will stay Quit. If you can’t you won’t.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member njohns23

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