2017 HOF Speeches

Second Hall of Fame, Making It My Final HOF

KTC Logo Sepia NewSo I’m going to be blunt, short and to the point.

This is my second time making it to the hall of fame.
I’m at day 254, you make HOF at day 100.

I fucked up plain and simple while I was on vacation in the Dominican Republic! I asked a guy if they had nic free cigars he said he’ll yeah man! I’m a fool!!!

The next day after puffing a cigar, my chest was tight and I asked my buddy I met out there if there was nicotine in these cigars he said yeah man. That’s when I threw 652 days OUT OF THE FUCKING WINDOW, down the drain, vanished 652 days quit. GONE. Because of a stupid cigar!

The good part is that I fessed up to it. Sacked up. Stayed quit after the mistake. And spoke with my group the funbags of October 15’ and I now still post there in their section because I NEED KTC. KTC SAVED MY LIFE. MADE ME LIVE A LIL LONGER THAN MOST. KTC gave me strength, accountability, brotherhood and a way out of nicotine!!! If you are reading this thinking about quitting because you know that the guilt and the shame and the disgust are setting in and you just need a place to HELP you quit. Then sack up, quit now, quit today!!! I dare you. If you do PM me and ill text you when I can and help you through the suck.

I seriously am blessed, quitting is for the winners who know that they fucked up. I quit with you right now today one day at a time!

It took seeing my own mother go through chemo from smoking, how freaking sad is that. I was on day 80-90 when she passed she is the reason im done with tobacco, and you should be too! You can do it! I didn’t think I’d be able to!


NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Bryan127

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