Why Is The Hall of Fame 100 Days?

100 Days at KillTheCanHave you ever wondered by we strive for 100 days as our “Hall of Fame”? Why did we choose 100? Is there something special about it?

Hondo341 asks:

General question here. I am not sure why 100 days was chosen for making the Hall of Fame. I am sure there is probably a good reason for it. Does anyone know for sure? Just a curious newbie.

Chewie’s response:

It’s a nice round number. That’s really all there is to it.

Are you “cured” at 100 days? Not by a long shot. But by that point you’ve got all of the tools and resources available to you that you can make it for the long haul.

365 would probably be a more “appropriate” HOF number, but when you are just starting out after years (decades) of being a dipper, an entire year is just too daunting. 100 days is roughly 3 months. That’s manageable.

That being said, QuitinCA said it best: “The end of each day without nicotine is my daily hall of fame.” That’s the way you have to tackle this addiction. Day by day. Those +1s will add more and before you know, 100, 365 and even a comma will be in your past and you’ll be on your way to freedom.


Do you have a question about your quit? Let us know and we’ll try to get it answered!

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  1. I believe 100 days is a good number. However I have come to believe that HOF has became way to emphasized. I am only at 439 but I have saw numerous people hit 100, think they were cured and then cave. It happens every month. I feel lucky because I had already given up an addiction to alcohol 22 years ago but know I am still an alcoholic for life. Therefore, I already knew that after 31 years of dipping that it would be foolish to consider myself cured after 100 days.

  2. I did see a statistic years ago that those who make 100 days are __% more likely to stay quit long term or for a lifetime. Do you remember seeing that stat?

    • Yep, I remember seeing the stat, but I can’t for the life of me remember what it was so I wouldn’t want to hazard a guess. Wastepanel on the forums is our stat guy… I’ll ask him to see if he recalls.

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