If Dipping Was Safe Would You Still Quit?


I ran across a great question the other day here in the comments and wanted to pass it along. Question If the FDA or some other Government said without a doubt dipping does not increase or cause your risk of mouth or throat cancer would you still quit? Answer I … Continue reading

Fake Dip. Is It Bad For Your Teeth & Gums?

Question Mark Key

We get this question a lot: Is fake dip bad for your teeth and gums?  We reached out to Dr. Jack Lenihan and asked. Check out his answer on the blog blog.killthecan.org/2015/04/fake-dip-one-dentists-opinion Got a question you’d like us to answer? Contact us and we’ll see what we can do!

Anxiety When You Quit Dipping – Dealing With Stress


Anxiety and stress and VERY common side effects of quitting dip and smokeless tobacco.  The physical withdrawal that accompanies smokeless tobacco cessation is something that nearly every quitter deals with.  If you don’t, consider yourself lucky. Anxiety, or stress associated with your quit, takes many people by surprise.  For so … Continue reading

How Long Should I Stay On KTC? When To Leave?

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The question of how long to stick around on the site or when to leave comes up quite often. Some folks say that the only time they think about dipping is when they are on the site. How could that possibly be a good thing? Here’s one version of the … Continue reading

Nutrition When Quitting Smokeless Tobacco, Dip & Chew

Nutrition Of Quitting Dip

I’ve seen multiple stories today regarding “the fog”. As many of you are aware, the fog is nasty and can leave our bosses quite frustrated at our production. It also can lead to the demise of a quit if we allow our brains to think going back to nicotine is … Continue reading

Swedish Snus – Is It Easier To Quit Than Smokeless?

Swedish Snus

Even though the site is called Kill the CAN, we realize that our nemesis is nicotine. As such, we’ve got folks on our forums that are battling not only the can (dip), but the pouch, cigarettes, nicotine gum, cigars, etc. In recent years a new foe in our fight for … Continue reading

Is Tobacco Free Smokeless Chew (Fake Dip) Gluten Free?

Gluten Free

At KillTheCan.org, we’re always looking to get as much information into the hands of people looking to quit dipping as possible.  We get questions on a regular (daily) basis about quitting smokeless tobacco and the products we talk about and suggest.  We got this question the other day and wanted … Continue reading

Heartburn When Quitting Dip


I get asked on the forums quite often about heartburn when quitting dip.  Is it normal?  Does it get better after you quit?  Does it get worse when you quit?  What’t the deal? NOTE: This article talks about some pretty serious stuff (chest pains).  I can speak only from my … Continue reading