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42 Days After My 100 – I Never Was Very Punctual

Happy St. Patricks' Day From KillTheCan.org!I forgot to write my HOF speech, so here goes

Here I sit
Lonely hearted
Came to shit
And only farted
For those who read
My words of witt,
Can eat my tiny balls of shit

My communications professor always said to start a speech with an attention grabber lol.

In all seriousness though it’s been one hell of a ride. This is my second time of day 100. I was in the May ’17 group and left after day 100. I didn’t take my quit seriously and started to think I had a handle on my quit so I didn’t need KTC anymore. To be completely honest, I found myself thinking the same way this time around too. I was getting lazy about posting but I want to thank Frank and the others in Nov 17 group who posted “Jhund if you read this you have some explaining to do”. It was my wake up call for me to keep my ass in gear before I ended up letting another quit group down. I’m kinda glad I procrastinated writing my speech because it gives me a chance to reflect on what I went through so far in my quit and a reminder to myself to stay quit.

After coming back from my first quit I knew the withdrawal effects. The fog, mood swings, cravings. The worst part of withdrawal is the insomnia and sweating profusely at night. I usually get 8-10 hrs of sleep per night, so I wasn’t expecting to sleep like crap the first few weeks but it for better. The best part of this quit was that I got to meet a KTC vet, net gain. It was definitely cool to meet a quitter, especially when I was so early in my quit (I think we met on my 10th day quit) One good thing I realized is that my acid reflux had subsided. I had never had acid reflux prior but I didn’t think (Or want to admit) that dipping caused it.

So, some advice and words of wisdom to the new people joining KTC…first of all quit for you. Don’t make it conditional. During my first quit I started dating a guy (I am a female for those who don’t know, although someone’s sexual preference is their own business) and I figured I’d stay quit bc I was with him….well, we ended up breaking up after a few months. Another piece of advice, use the resources KTC has. I don’t know how many times I’ve reached out to people on here through chat and they have helped me.

Also, expect to get the same effort back that you put in. If you just show up and post roll and “ghost” it’s hard to get to know your quit brothers and sisters. You have to remember they are in the same boat as you. If you don’t put an effort to be active in the quit group the less likely they will be to help you stay on track. Get to know the people in your group, they are like family, although they can only take so much b.s. before they call you out on it and if you don’t care about your quit, they won’t care very much about yours because they have their own to deal with. Support is a two way street.

Also, if you are a female quitter like me, don’t be afraid to exchange phone numbers. I’ve been on KTC for 142+ days and have quite a few numbers and haven’t received one dick pic yet lol.

In closing I want to thank Netgain, Leonidas, Broclisaurus, and Nov 17 for helping me. To the newbies, this is a great site, take advantage of it.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Jhund84

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