5 Ways Web Hosting Provider Drive Traffic to Your Site

Most online business owners do not understand the importance of having a good and reliable web hosting provider. They often choose a cheap hosting service and expect great returns. A poor choice of hosting can have a major impact on your website, and not in a good way. Websites that experience unwanted downtime and performance inconsistencies will send negative signals to Google and other search engines. If you have reliable web hosting, you will avoid these issues. So, it is important to understand the works and benefits of a hosting service. Once you fully understand how a hosting service works, you know will learn how it affects your traffic, engagement and if profits. 

Choosing a hosting provider can seem a bit complicating with hundred of services out there offering different plans and packages to match different niches. It is important to make an informed decision by researching the benefits and qualities offered by the hosting providers. In this article, you will understand how a web hosting provider helps in getting more traffic to your site.

5 Ways Hosting Provider Drive Traffic to Your Site
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What is Web Hosting?
It is an online service that rents space on a physical server to store data and files of your website so that it can be accessible on the World Wide Web. So whenever a user types in your domain name on a web browser, they will be able to view your website which can lead to a conversion. Everything that is visible on a site is hosting on a server that handles different files such as databases, images, infographics, web design, and so on. If you are from Australia and in search of an excellent web hosting provider, MangoMatter’s Australian reviews the best hosting services that cater to all kinds of businesses.

Whether you want to build a personal blog or start a new business, there are different types of hosting available that cater to your website needs. These providers vary to different kinds of technology used for the server, management, and many other services included in the package. The most common service available are:

  • Shared
  • VPS
  • Dedicated
  • Cloud

Remember, your hosting service will not enhance the user experience and website performance but also help in achieving your SEO goals. Web hosting is a crucial part of having a successful business in today’s world. You need to know that every web hosting service is not created at the same level. A poor hosting service will cost you your SEO rank, revenue, and sales.

If you end up making the wrong choice when deciding on a web host, it could potentially impact your SEO rankings, revenue, and overall traffic

5 Ways Web Hosting Provider Drive Traffic to Your Site

a. Domain Name System
DNS is basically the bridge that makes you available to people who visit your website from a web browser. Once you have purchased a domain name, your files and data are stored on a server. When uploaded on the hosting service’s server, it is then the host’s responsibility to deliver the files to your online users. It makes sure that your browser is able to connect to the right server that stores all your data and files. If people are unable to view your website, it will directly have an effect on your website ranking and can cost you potential clients who are in need of your product or service.

b. Speed
Speed is a crucial factor in building a successful website. The faster your web pages load, the more likely users who visit your website will do business with you. Websites that are slow can put visitors off and they might leave your website to never return again. This will increase your bounce rate and have a negative impact on your SEO, no matter how good your site may be. Choosing a hosting service that provides excellent speed will help you gain more traffic and a better user experience. Your online prospects will stay longer on your site and are more likely to turn into customers.

c. Uptime
When building a strong online presence, having a minimum of 99.9% uptime on your website is vital. Whether you are using a free or paid hosting service, reliability is extremely important. A site that is hard to reach frequently will lose customers and their trust.  Having good web hosting will help you maintain a good uptime so that your server never goes down. While it’s impossible for any provider to offer 100% uptime, the best ones work incredibly hard to get as close as possible to that figure. It’s important to choose a host who can come as close to 100% uptime as possible.

5 Ways Web Hosting Provider Drive Traffic to Your Site
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d. Security
Online safety is another component that can help drive traffic to your website. Securing your IP address by enabling HTTPS will give your customers a reason to trust you and do business with you. The last thing you want is your customer’s data stolen and misuse or losing all your sensitive data through a breach. Hackers and cybercriminals are always trying to breach the vulnerable walls of your site. A good hosting provider will ensure that your site is protected by detecting or warding off any suspicious breach that cybercriminals might use. You can also make sure that your web hosting service regularly backups data, so in case any problem arises. You won’t have to start at the beginning.

e. SEO-Friendly
SEO-friendly hosting providers will help you drive in more traffic to your website and increase your ranking on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing. User experience is one of the most important factors for search engines, as they want to provide the best to their searchers. There are many ways to enhance user experience with a web hosting provider, those include a good web design, speed, uptime, navigation, and so on. All these affect your website ranking and ensure you get accurate and the best out of your SEO efforts. Make sure you choose an excellent hosting provider that works best for your niche.

Web hosting is essential for your website to have a strong online presence that will not only drive traffic to your site but also help in the overall success of your business.

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