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Five Year Quit HOF – Put the Work In

Put In The Work

I never wrote a hall of fame speech. I didn’t have the confidence in myself to stay quit. I had a 4 year stoppage on my own before I signed up for KTC. I loved when I typed in Google., “How to quit Dipping” and KTC came up. I was hoping for a 21st century pill to make quitting easy. Fact is it’s not easy. I had this conversation with Chewy at a quit meet in PA a couple years ago. The easy quit is non existent. The one day at a time quit is the real deal. We say that as a euphemism sometimes but it is the realty, it’s truth.

I’ll never forget the this first day 5 years ago. I was in a remote office after my business burned to the ground and we were in full fledged recovery mode. That’s when I decided enough was enough. My family deserves better but more importantly, and this is hard for new quitters to grasp, I DESERVED BETTER. KTC will teach you the quit is about you. You just need to engulf your self in the website. Your intensions for others are admirable but it must be about you.

I’ll never forget the day I was at my mothers side as she was passing from lung cancer that metastasized to her brain (never smoked or drank) she pointed to my lip/cheek where I had a dip in and asked me to stop that habit. You want to talk about a grown man wounded and deflated that his mother in the throws of a painful passing felt the strength to council her son one last time. Just amazing. Guess what. The grip that nicotine had on me Delayed my quit for several months. Can you fathom that? My own loving mother asked me to quit and I nodded to her kissed her and still chewed. Brutal.

So yes I never wrote a hall of fame speech. You see I never trusted myself. I’m an addict for nicotine. But you know who showed me how to quit, every damn person left in December ‘15 and our supporters. There’s also a group from Miscellaneous quit months where I offer support and they do the same. You see that that’s the secret sauce. People supporting people. Brothers and Sisters one day at a a time Lending support advice or an ear. We call it Accountability. Say that again. ACCOUNTABILITY. With me yet? You want a successful quit. Make yourself accountable. Post your promise every day. Get Digits early on in your quit. Use them. I’m 5 years quit and I still text my promise to someone in December ‘15 if I’m remote or out of the area for a length of time ( TJ Stranger )

It never ends quitters. Quitting never stops. You need to be committed. Your promise is your bond for no nicotine that day. Do you know how many quits fail when the frame of mind is “I got this, I’m quit 100 days, 1,000 days 10,000 days, I don’t need to post my promise. YES YOU DO. We only have our word and that promise. There’s another though. Show up to a quitter meet. Sounds odd right? Meeting guys and gals from the internet. It’s really not. I remember my first quit meet and showing up at Boelker’s the day before with some home brew beer. That man could not have been more welcoming. Know why? He’s a quitter just like you and I. He gets it. He wanted me to be successful. His welcome was so heart warming, and the weekend was awesome.

If you want accountability and strength in your quit get to a meet up. Yes it’s weird meeting a bunch of people on internet in person. Your quit depends on it. Any more weird than stuffing a weed in Your lip and spitting in a cup, can, bottle, napkin???? It shows the next level of commitment to your quit. The food (Lance) and friends you meet are just wonderful.

OK I’m babbling. This is my 5 year quit HOF. I’m blessed being quit and make no mistake I put the work in because after all this is about my addiction and my quit. Anniversaries are great. But tomorrow I will post day 1829. Love you mom and dad. Thank you December Disciples ‘15 And all of our supporters. You are all what makes KTC work. I am quit.

NOTE: This piece written by forum member JGlav

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2 years ago

I keep trying to quit. I need to connect with other quitters.

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