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Absolut Snus – Out of Business

Absolut SnusBack in 2011, and then again in 2015, I reviewed a few products from an alternative company called Absolut Snus. They provided an alternative product not for dippers or chewers, but for users of ‘snus’. It was a product made from very few ingredients and one of the first to be made from coffee.

As of now I believe Absolut Snus to be out of business.

  • They have no website.
  • All of the links to their products on Amazon and eBay are dead.
  • All online vendors have been ‘sold out’ for some time.

If any new information becomes available I’ll certainly post it here. I reached out to the owner to see if I could get any answers. For the time being I think it’s safe to say that Absolut Snus is no more. Thanks to the folks at Absolut for providing a product for quitters for as long as they did.

I will leave the previous reviews on the site for historical purposes.

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