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99 Problems But Nicotine Ain’t One – This Is My Life!

KTC Quit GroupsWell here I am 100 days and in the Hof! If you would of asked me last year at this time if I was going to quit dipping I would have said hell no. Because for some reason my dumbass thought it was fun and it took stress away. Not realizing that it was slowly killing myself everyday!

I started dipping a little later then most of my friends I was 18 and here in Texas dipping in the country is like drinking sweet tea or drinking beer. I never thought I would even start doing it, funny thing is I thought it was gross but one time I decided to try it at a concert with buddies and a few months later as my addiction grew I was hooked! Dip pretty much became my “best friend” it’s sad really I couldn’t go anywhere without it. I would dip pretty much all throughout the day and I would tell myself that everyone has a bad habit and this Mine no big deal I could be doing drugs right! Yep that’s the kind of stupid stuff I would tell myself to feel better not realizing it wasn’t a habit it’s an addiction running my life!! I dipped for 8 years copen and grizzly had me by the nuts and I tried to quit a couple times but always went back after a week or so. In my sad little mind I said to myself I could quit When I wanted.. such bs. Like I said I never thought I would quit but one day my 5 year old son was walking around spitting in a empty bottle like his dad and it hit me that I needed to take my life back! I started searching for ways to quit dip and came upon KTC and it is has been a life saver! Just from all the stories I have read and the commitment to stay quit one day at time does wonders for me.

Finally I want to thank KTC for everything and Bruce you sir told me my first day that I better bring the quit and that’s what I have tried to do! Well I’m 27 I quit for me and will continue to be quit! I can now enjoy my wife and 2 kids much more. This journey so far has been well worth every up and down this quit has brought . Like all the guys will tell you it’s not easy but it is so worth it! I’m ready to push towards 200 days let’s get it! And last but not least thank you December Wreckin Crew 12 I’m honored to post with you fellas everyday! Stay quit and livestrong! – Professorquit –

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member ProfessorQuit

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