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A Different View of 1,000 Days

kool33aid avatarYesterday I EARNED my comma. Most of you know what that takes, the commitment is incredible. However, nicotine addiction doesn’t just affect you. It affects those around us. My 5 year old has no idea that I ever chewed, but my wife does. So I asked her to tell me what 1,000 days of freedom means to her. Enjoy.

1,000 days…a lot happens in 1,000 days. We’ve moved three times to THREE different states. Between the two of us we’ve had 10 different jobs! (Moving will do that, lol!) But, with all of the changes we’ve had over the last 1,000 days, one of the most exciting has been Ken stopping using chewing tobacco.

This was always a point of contention for us, he even hid it from me for a while…which made me hate it even more. I hate the smell, I hate the look, I hate the trashiness of it, I hate how unhealthy it is, I hate the cost, and the WORST I HATE the spit bottles ???? (literally trying not too gag thinking about it now) Anytime we were around my family I always felt like I (we) were trying to hide something…make sure you don’t leave that in your pocket, hide that bottle, you have something on your face. It was obnoxious & ridiculous. Not to mention how bad of an example this was for our then 2 year old.

When Ken told me he was going to quit, I admit, I was very skeptical. I’d heard this before many times, but put on a smile and tried my best to be supportive. I was a little nervous b/c I had also grown accustomed to him having chew & him using it was a way to cope and calm down if he was upset. I was worried that he wouldn’t have that and he would be super on edge and hard to deal with. Looking back now, I don’t even remember those early days of him quitting, although I’m sure they’re easily remembered by him. 

But here we are 1,000 days later! I am so proud of him! He’s never once wavered in quitting. I’m sure he’s had days he wanted to cave, but I haven’t seen them, he has stuck it out every step of the way. In the beginning I never thought I’d see this day, but little by little it became evident that this may just be “it”! It’s so nice to have a hubby who doesn’t carry around spit (LOL! That just sounds SO funny & ridiculous now ?) and doesn’t smell like wintergreen ? Sometimes I actually have to remind myself that Ken used to chew. I’ll see someone with it in their mouth & be instantly grossed out & then it hits me…that used to be MY husband! I’m SO proud & happy that it’s not!

Happy 1,000 Days Ken! I ❤ you and am SO proud of where you are today! 

NOTE: This piece written by forum member kool33aid

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