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Fully Loaded Chew Bullseye Review

Fully Loaded ChewSitting down tonight to do a long overdue review. Fully Loaded Chew was developed right down the road from me in Akron, Ohio by former dippers with a goal: “a tobacco-free chew that doesn’t suck”. (Their words… not mine). Fully Loaded Chew currently offers four flavors: Wintergreen, Mint, Cherry and Classic. All are available for purchase on their website This review will cover Wintergreen, Mint and Cherry. They also 3 different strengths including Fully Loaded (full nicotine strength), Half-Cocked (half nicotine strength) and Bullseye (zero nicotine).

PLEASE NOTE: This review ONLY pertains to the NICOTINE FREE (Bullseye) version of these products.  I have not, and will not try the versions of this product that contain nicotine. 

This is the first time in quite some time that I’ve reviewed a traditional (not a pouch) alternative product. Immediately upon cracking open the cans I knew I had some good stuff in front of me. All three flavors that I sampled were moist and packed great. This isn’t quite a fine cut but it’s not quite a long cut. It’s somewhere in between but it holds together great in my mouth and doesn’t float all that much. All three flavors have a “burn” to them which is nice and they all produce a boatload of spit. 

Fully Loaded Chew hasn’t provided their ingredients list but they do have this on their site: we can tell you that we use mint leaf, arrowroot, molasses, and salt, combined with natural and artificial flavorings to make Fully Loaded Chew taste, feel, burn and buzz just like your favorite tobacco chews.

Fully Loaded Chew - CherryFully Loaded Bullseye – Cherry

I started my night with Cherry which for me is sort of rare as I typically start with Wintergreen. If you know my chewing history you know that I was primarily a Kodiak Wintergreen guy but there were several years in there where I was a Skoal Cherry man.

This was an outstanding substitute for Cherry fans out there. Great Cherry flavor that really reminded me of my Skoal days. Not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad. This did have a bit more burn than I remember Skoal having but I think it’s fair to say that if you’re looking for an alternative that’s close to the real thing then Fully Loaded Chew may be one you’d like to check out. Strong start to my night… strong recommend. 

Fully Loaded Chew WintergreenFully Loaded Bullseye – Wintergreen

Next up was Wintergreen. This again was a very nice chew full of flavor and produced a lot of spit. I’m not sure if you can swallow the saliva that is produced so I didn’t. My guess (based on the few ingredients that are available) would be that’s it’s ok to ingest but I can’t be certain.

If I’m trying to peg a particular brand of Wintergreen this reminds me of I’d say it’s somewhere between Skoal Wintergreen and Kodiak. It’s too sweet to be spot on Kodiak but not quite what I remember Skoal being either. It’s not as sweet as something like Hawken.

Overall a good Wintergreen alternative but like the Cherry before had a bit more “bite” then I recalled. 

Fully Loaded Chew - WintermintFully Loaded Bullseye – Mint

Finished out my review with Mint. Note that my can was labeled as “WinterMint”. I reached out to the folks at Fully Loaded and they let me know that they had tweaked formulas since I got mine for improved pack, flavor, texture and moisture.

This was very nice as well, though if I’m being honest not too much of a departure from Wintergreen. I’d be interested to see the difference in flavor after the update. Certainly not a bad chew by any stretch… in fact just the opposite. It’s very good. Just not quite different enough from the Wintergreen I’d had before. 

Fully Loaded Chew Recommendation

All in all Fully Loaded Chew has created an outstanding product line for folks looking to quit dipping. Their flavor profiles are more of the “traditional” dip flavors so this is for the folks that are looking for a fake dip that’s close the real chew. 

Fully Loaded is another smokeless alternative that offers versions of their products that contain nicotine. I’d warn anyone who’s getting these to truly understand which version of the product they’re getting and I’d STRONGLY suggest them to go with the nicotine free product.  Thankfully, Fully Loaded Chew does an outstanding job with their labeling and on their website so you know just what strength you’re getting.

Special thanks to the folks at Fully Loaded for providing me samples to try and review.

You can purchase Fully Loaded Chew from their website at or visit them on Facebook.  All flavors are available in single, 5 packs or 10 packs or you can “subscribe” to have regular deliveries sent your way. Tell em sent you!

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    1. Zyn, On, etc. pouches are filled with powder. Fully Loaded Chew is made of cut-up plant material. I assume the same base is used for both loose and pouch forms. The feel between your cheek and gum, therefore, will be different. Fully Loaded also has cayenne pepper added to mimic the burn of tobacco dip. I can gut juices from Zyn or On okay, but wen I used Fully Loaded, I spat. I went through five cans of Fully Loaded loose. Cans three and four especially had lots of rough bits that poked and prodded my mouth. That was annoying, and using a product that required spitting wasn’t the best decision at that time. It could be worth a shot (pun intended) for some folks. I might might give their pouches a try.

    1. A pretty standard padded envelope. With just the can inside and the order receipt. Nothing that shows what’s inside other than their name and address in small print on the return label. So fairly discreet if that’s what you’re looking for.

  1. Just sub par especially with all the added ingredients. Packs pretty decent but i’d just stick to Jakes. USDA organic better quality and burn. Was honestly dissapointed as it tasted artificial. If your off the chew look for a more natural nicotine free chew imo…

  2. Wintergreen and Mint are ok, not great, but a good alternative. Cherry and Peach are terrible. It tastes like straight cough syrup. It is very messy and wet when first opened, I had to be near a sink every time I put a dip in. On the flip side, it is completely dry after 2-3 days. Not as good as Smokey Mountain, but not down right terrible either. I am trying Bacc Off Pouches next.

  3. I had the opportunity to try all four offerings in “Bullseye” of course. Being a Copenhagen Snuff guy I tried the Classic first… absolutely miserable taste (haven’t found one classic/straight worth it). Wintergreen was next… very good flavor here… in a class of its own. Can’t compare it to any one brand of wintergreen. Wintermint… not to far off from the wintergreen. Tasted pretty much the same with a “cooler” feel. Never liked the cherry flavored dips, but I agree with Chewie… closest to Skoal. Overall, Fully Loaded is a great alternative. Each flavor is a little too spicy for my liking, but its not overpowering.

  4. Fully loaded is the best smokeless alternative I’ve tried. I have tried almost every alternative on the market. It has the most realistic feel and flavor. I’ve tried the cherry and wintergreen flavors 0mg nicotine (bullseye). Great product. Can’t say it enough!

    1. I asked the folks at Fully Loaded and here was their response: “We recommend not ingesting it. But on the non nicotine versions it is technically all food grade so it is within reason to swallow.”

  5. I tried the Classic & Wintergreen today. The Classic was just plain awful, can’t even describe taste. I gave it 5 minutes & spit it out. Stay away. The WG was pretty good, def a strong taste of WG, probably my favorite WG fake brand out there. Really enjoyed the WG & Cherry

    1. I have only tried the Classic Straight – had high hopes, but I have to agree with you. It is not good. Smokey Mountain Straight is still the closest I’ve found to a true Straight flavor.
      I haven’t tried the other flavors yet.

  6. Side note, have opened all of the cans & they all smell great & they don’t skimp at all on the product, you get a full can, no 3/4 of a can BS when you 1st crack it open.

  7. Got WG, Cherry, & Classic in the mail yesterday. Tried the Cherry, the texture & flavor were good. Def better than Hooch Cherry, which tasted like cough syrup to me. After about 30 mins got some float happening, not major, but some. Produced a good amount of saliva & brown spit. The flavor is really good, I still like the texture of Hooch better though. A good solid product though, will post about WG & Classic as I use them.

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