Every Quit Is Different

Every quit is different. Not only that, but when a person quits multiple times, each one of those quits is different also. Some people quit and have a terrible time, relapse down the road and are terrified to quit again because they “know” what will happen the next time. Well, actually they don’t know. The next time may be a breeze in comparison. On the alternate side, some people have an easy quit, go back with the attitude, “Oh well, if I have to, I’ll just quit again.” They may find the next quit horrendous, and possibly not be able to pull it off.

The reason I mention this is it is possible that you won’t have any major symptoms this time. I have had a lot of can or two a day chewers who chewed 40 plus years who toss them with minimal withdrawal or discomfort. The reason they never tried to quit before is that they witnessed people who chewed one fourth of what they did go thorough terrible side effects and figured, “If it did that to them, it will kill me.” But when the time came, their quit was easy in comparison.

You may find that this quit will be relatively easy. Stranger things have happened. But if it does, don’t think that this doesn’t mean that you were not addicted. The factor that really shows the addiction is not how hard or how easy it is to quit. What really shows the addiction is how universally easy it is to go back. One dip and the quit can go out the window.

Summing up, the first few days may be relatively easy, or for some, it may be very difficult. Who knows? The only thing we know is that once you get past the third day nicotine free, it will ease up physically. Psychological triggers will still exist but more controllable measures can be taken with them, basically keeping your ammunition up for why you don’t want to be a chewer.

Easy or hard, quitting is worth it. Once you have quit for even a few hours, you have invested some effort, time, and maybe even a little pain. Make this effort count for something. As long as you hang in there now, all of this will have accomplished a goal. It got you off of chewing tobacco.

© Joel Spitzer 2002
The original article has been modified to be more relevant for dippers and chewers.

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