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ALPHA Nicotine Replacement Pouch Review

Fully Loaded ALPHA Pouches Mint SquareBack this afternoon with a new product review from our friends at Fully Loaded. Introducing ALPHA Nootropic Pouches! I mentioned these during Episode 5 of the KTC Podcast (you’re already subscribed right?) These pouches are clearly geared toward users of nicotine pouches (Zyn, Rogue, ON!, Velo, Dryft, etc.) These are marked as ‘nootropic pouches’. Nootropic means, “a substance purported to increase cognitive abilities”. (I had to look it up).

According to their website: “ALPHA nicotine replacement pouches were designed by a healthcare professional and chemist to support memory, focus and calm with our proprietary blend of 60mg ALPHA GPC, 60mg L-Tyrosine and 20mg GABA per pouch.”

Before I go any further I’ll insert my standard language when it comes to a product from Fully Loaded. Fully Loaded DOES indeed offer products with and without nicotine. That said, they do a REALLY good job of making sure you know what you’re purchasing so there’s no chance you’ll get the wrong one.

PLEASE NOTE: This review ONLY pertains to NICOTINE FREE products. I have not, and will not try versions of any product that contains nicotine. 

OK… with that out of the way… let’s get going.

Fully Loaded ALPHA Pouches Cans

I want to point out – these products are 100% nicotine and tobacco free. In reviewing the product packaging and website you may not be quite sure but they are. I’ve passed along this feedback to Fully Loaded and knowing them they’ll make changes to make this more clear. They are committed to being 100% clear and transparent to their users about what they’re getting.

High quality plastic cans here with solid lids. Ingredients are listed on the can as is a ‘best by’ date on the bottom which I can’t tell you much I appreciate. There’s nothing worse than spending money and getting an outdated product. The cans I sampled have a ‘use by’ date of October so these have a nice long shelf life which is great.

INGREDIENTS (printed on the can) were the same on all three flavors: microcrystalline cellulose, natural flavor, acesulfame potassium, sucralose, vegetable glycerin, salt, PROPRIETARY NOOTROPIC BLEND: alpha gpc-60mg, lytrosine – 60mg, gaba – 20mg.

ALPHA Pouches – Wintergreen

As a former Kodiak guy I always start with Wintergreen, but again these are geared toward nicotine pouch users which I never was. Simply tremendous flavor here. Pouches are nice and soft and are dry when you open them (something I’m learning is par for the course for nicotine pouches). That said, big flavor and lots of saliva almost from the word go. These are a bit on the ‘sweet’ wintergreen spectrum. Strong recommend here.

ALPHA Pouches – Mint

As I said in my original text to Fully Loaded, “Mint will be added to my glove box as a breath mint just cause they taste so awesome.” As I sit here writing this review I popped in a mint pouch again and I really do love them. These have a tinge of Altoids flavor to them, but without the overwhelming HOT that those tend to be.

ALPHA Pouches – Mango

This one was weird for me. My initial feedback was, “Mango has sort of an odd smell at first, but flavor is outstanding.” In retrospect it’s not really an odd smell, it’s actually a flavor like right at the beginning but it subsides in a matter of moments. This is my least favorite of the three but the other two are SO strong that this was bound to be last.

Fully Loaded ALPHA Nootropic Pouches Review and Recommendation

I was never a nicotine pouch user so these aren’t REALLY geared toward me. That being said, I can totally see why this product is being introduced. I’ve seen more advertisements for nicotine pouches in the last 6 months than I ever did for smokeless tobacco when I was a dipper. Quitters are flocking to KTC in record numbers and a gang of them were hooked on nicotine pouches. Fully Loaded is jumping on the trend and is putting out a product geared toward those folks – and just as they always do, they put out a damn fine product.

Here’s what I really like about these – you don’t have to spit. In fact, you’re not meant to spit. The flavors are great and I love, love, LOVE the fact that there’s another product out on the market geared SPECIFICALLY toward nicotine pouch users and snus users. I’m not sure these are going to be the right product for someone who’s been a long cut user their entire dipping career, but if you’re a pouch user these are a STRONG recommend.

I’d love to hear from nicotine pouch / snus users. Leave me a comment with your thoughts on these. Close to the real thing?

Special thanks to the folks at Fully Loaded for providing me samples to try and review!

You can purchase Fully Loaded ALPHA Nootropic Pouches from their website at, on Amazon or visit them on Facebook.  All flavors are available in single or 5 packs and they offer subscription services.

Disclaimer: In accordance with FTC Guidelines, we hereby inform this site’s viewers that we occasionally receive products for review purposes. At no time has payment has been made in order to elicit positive reviews. Affiliate links may be present in the above content. Read our disclosure policy for more info.

Have you tried Fully Loaded ALPHA Nootropic Pouches? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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