2022 HOF Speeches

Beautiful Experiences and True Accountability


Day 99 here for me and tomorrow is HOF! As I sit here waiting for my laundry to dry I’m writing this and thanking God and my family at KTC for the beautiful experiences and the true accountability that they provide for me the friendships you make with other quitters is astounding to say the least.

The Hardships I went through with my quit was not much. Day 1-3 was bad it is for anyone those are physical withdrawals and the best way to get rid of them for me was to sleep and drink lots of water. And I’d say reach out to KTC family but I did not do that back then. After my first 3 days life got way easier for me.

I served in the Texas army National guard. Anyone who served in the military knows all about mental games. They suck but they can be won especially with a brotherhood and goal set for what you want. You see it doesn’t take long physically to get rid of nicotine the problem is mentally it’s pretty much a lifetime battle.

Nick probably my closest buddy on KTC Discord his name is Nickotine Free and he’s a great guy. We chatted for a while on the subject of brotherhood and accountability and he really got my eyes opened to it, he didn’t call me dumb or stupid or any name he just simply stated his reasons why and they made a lot of sense. Day 71 was my last hardest day I was sitting in a loves in parsons Tennessee and I was craving a dip hard I mean hard like my mind said oh you quit so easy just enjoy one it’s Okay. Fellas you will experience this to I believe everyone does. Chewie explains it as the funk and it’s exactly what it is. FUNKY haha.

Anyways I reached out to another friend and moderator who is all over the KTC discord and that’s none other than chick dip and let me tell you that woman text me for 2 hours and talked me out of getting a can. The question is not whether or not I needed her in that moment the question we should ask ourselves is why are we trying to fight this alone when we have a family behind us. After that day the funk just disappeared because I knew right after that day the KTC family is the real deal. If I quit I fear I may lose my special friendship with Nick and chick dip and all of my KTC family they would want to skin me alive it’s not fair to them. Why should they care for me if I can’t be man enough to care for them. And how are we caring for each other by giving our words we will not dip today.

The bottom line for me is as a man my word means a lot to me, If I give it to you I want to do my best to keep it. Because if I can’t keep my own word? What Can I keep. I’m sorry my HOF speech is not filled with great speeches of what to do if such and such happens personally I’ve been so blessed with my quit. God has really helped me a lot I’ve never had bad headaches or anything of that nature. Sore throat stomach or anything. So if you read my HOF I can’t help you to much there but what I do hope you’ll learn from me is 100 days ago I was you. I was new to the site and I needed help quitting. The bottom line is this model and site works y’all.

Give someone your word and stick to it and do it one day at a time. Don’t worry about tomorrow just quit for today. You see if I dip again id feel so bad because I would feel I would let my friends down especially Nick and Lisa, How could I face them knowing I let them down and they stayed strong when I couldn’t. Unity is strength my quit family. The more the merrier, Grow close to people on here and exchange numbers get to know people. And above all keep up the good fight my quit brothers and sisters. Because a life being nicotine free is so much better than a life with nicotine.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan community member ChrisJ23


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