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Explaining ‘The Funk’ Part 1

What The FunkI’m sure you’ve all heard it, but you’re coming up on what we affectionately refer to as “the funk” — it’s a time in your quit (between 70-90 for most) where you get supremely bored with your quit… The novelty has worn off, you’re starting to look at life without dip and you’re starting to forget how damn hard it was to get here… You may find yourself having those thoughts of “i can have just one”… ITS A FUCKING LIE!!!

There is no “one” dip that you can have… Remember what it took to get you here… Remember the fact that you’ll NEVER have to go back there as long as you keep on track.

Realize what you’ve already done — you’ve been quit for a LONG time already… If you’re like me, you’re now quit longer than you ever have been in your life… Don’t throw that away cause you’re “bored” with quitting…

Don’t back away from the site and WHATEVER you do. If you’re struggling or having problems, DONT hesitate to post them just cause the rest of the group is “doing good” and you don’t want to bring the mood down — bring it down! I guarantee you that nothing kills the mood of a group faster than a cave.

I was the last to cross the HOF line from October, so I know what it’s like to be looking UP at your crew — Remember this, they’re there for you and they’ll be SO damn proud of you when you hit the hall… You represent the last of your group… Bring up the rear with PRIDE!!!

If you need to talk, ol chewie’s here for ya… pm me and my number is yours.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member chewie

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  1. Day 3 can’t sleep .. grizzly wintergreen 2 tins a day for 15 years .. also eating a ton don’t want to lose weight any suggestions ?

    1. Welcome Tim – congrats on a great decision!

      The sleep issues are pretty common – they will subside: https://www.killthecan.org/sleep-issues-when-quitting-dip/

      Eating a ton is also a ‘side effect’. I’m 14 years into my quit and I’m still dealing with my ‘quit weight’ but I’m FAR healthier and happier than I was when I was a dipper.

      Take it one day at a time. Tackle your quit first, get some days behind you and then tackle the weight if it’s still an issue. Till then, quit today and repeat tomorrow.

  2. Hi have chewed Copenhagen snuff for 47 years, I took a chew our of a new can, and the next chew I was going to take I looked at the can and said, “F… You! no more” Today makes one Month since. It was very hard! But I did it. I thought as much as I did chew I was never going to quit, but I did. I have tried in the past but I just didn’t want to Quit, This time I did want to quit. You have to want to quit to do it. So be true to yourself. I’m on my way to never chewing again! My wife an my son told me they were very proud of me for quitting, that made me feel good. Another reason I will not go backwards.

  3. I chewed Copenhagen for 40 years. First thing in the morning and last thing before I slept. I went to the Dr and he said it was contributing to high blood pressure. He gave me anti anxiety meds which I took for 8 days and then quit cold turkey. As others have mentioned the first week was hell. I started using the gum brand name Orbit to help with the irritation and dryness. It works for it has a soothing effect on the back of the throat. I have been been dipless for 18 months with no cravings. They do go away, but I was told you have to give it a true 60 days and also avoid triggers like alcohol, sweets….

  4. I decided to quit chewing on 9/25/2019. I have not touched it for 41 days, plan to keep going, my big reasons are I don’t want to die, I have a wife and baby on the way too.. I am concerned though, I feel like something is messed up in my sinuses/back of my throat, it ebbs and flows, where i don’t notice anything and then I will wake up in the middle of the night 100 percent positive I have cancer.. is this anxiety did anyone else have weird things like this happen?

    1. Ive quit for 11 days now and yes i have the exact same feeling of a possible growth in my sinuses/back of the throat. Almost where its labored breathing. I have to concentrate on my breathing. I dont have answers as to what it is but i just thought id share with you that i feel the same thing 100% Good luck to you and i hope you stay on track

    2. I was a Dipper for 22 years. On New Years Eve this year, I decided I would never buy another Tin again. It makes it easier in Canada because the tins are $26. But I did it cold turkey. The first week was a hell I will never forget: Cold Sweats, wanting to tear my hair out, sleeping 20 hours a day just so I wouldn’t go crazy.

      Today is now day 42. I found my way to this site because my brain was trying to trick me again to go buy a tin. I even went to a store today and asked for a tin but they didn’t have my flavor of Skoal in stock so I didn’t end up buying any. Thank God.

      Anyway, just read this post above. I had the exact same thing happen to me when I quit (It’s still happening). A constant dryness in the back of my throat, almost feels like my sinuses are messed up and I have a shortness in breath. I have been to the doctors, gotten x-rays on my chest. I have been given PPI pills for acid re-flux and I bought a Humidifier for my bedroom. I also now take a puffer. However, Nothing seems to work. If anyone finds anything on here that makes this better. Please post!!!

  5. I’m 4 days in and I’m already having the crazy dreams. I’ve had a few stomach pains(cramp like) that last like 30 seconds. My eating is out of control and I sleep naked to combat the urge to put on clothes and go buy a can. Had I known this 15 years ago I would have never touched it.

  6. 29 years of dipping Kodiak wintergreen. Jan 31st starting taking Chantix, chewed off and on and cut back substantially until Feb 8th before bedtime. Can actually say I’m avoiding gas stations, bars etc. that reminds me of dipping. Going to be hard with baseball season coming up, once a chewer you notice the dip cans funny we think dipping is a form of success. Truth is majority of young ball players don’t chew anymore. Noticed the local MLB Park prohibits smokeless tobacco.
    Chantix hasn’t made me suicidal, I had concerns but I’m going to take for 24 weeks. I think 6 months will help get me to a position of putting this incredibly additive habit behind me forever.

    1. Hey Randy..are you still quit? I’m in baseball too, quit cold turkey 2 1/2 months ago but still struggling mentally and physically here and there. Anxiety and panic attacks.

  7. My quit date was this past Monday July 25th. I will say I’m at the 72 hour mark, so according to what I’m reading I’m now rid of nicotine in my body. I will confess that all these years as a dipper my appetite was always non existent. For the most part, I could go a majority of the day without eating and it didn’t bother me. Now that I have quit I have a voracious appetite. In the 3 days I’ve quit I’ve gained 8 lbs. Is this normal? I’m not really fiending for nicotine, but I seem to be craving junk food all the time as if I just smoked pot. I know its only been 3 days but I don’t want to go from chances of oral and mouth cancer from dipping to liver and kidney failure from junk food binges and develop diabetes. I guess I was having a nicotine withdrawal yesterday and then I ate 3 brownies that had milky way pieces in it and I felt better. Then after eating 3 of them I was like what the fuck am I doing. For dinner I ate so much food I got that “Thanksgiving Day Food Hangover” the one where you feel miserable and you undue the bottom on your jeans kick of your shoes and lay full stretched out in the recliner. Any feedback would be great.

    1. Dear Jeffry,
      Nicotine messes with your pancreas and makes it release less insulin into your bloodstream. With the extra sugar in their blood, nicotine users sometimes feel less hungry than non users. When you quit, well, your blood sugar drops and you might want to eat like crazy, This is fine! After your body gets used to no nicotine, your blood sugar will be stable and your appetite will be normal again. You might gain a little weight in the short term, but that’s a lot easier fix than tobacco related illnesses! You’re gonna be okay buddy, hang in there!

  8. Quit April 1, 2016. Day 79 and I’m going through symptoms very similiar to week one. Anxiety, chest tightness, depression, insomnia, gum tenderness. I chewed Copenhagen for 35 years and quit cold turkey. This past week I started chewing Smokey Mountain which has helped. Inaddition, brushing my teeth and gargling with Listerine , and drinking alot of water has helped. At this point the benefits have far outweighed the withdrawels. Thanks for giving a place to vent.

    1. Hi Kelly, im on day 16 and have been having extreme anxiety and chest tightness to the point I went to the ER. How bad was your anxiety and chest pain?

      1. You should see your doctor David. The anxiety and chest pain should just be a discomfort, but it is different for everybody. Your doctor may be able to prescribe something that will help take the nicotine cravings away.

  9. I’m quitting today . I’ve tried this before. But I feel like I’m missing out on so much in life. Because I chew so fucking much. Fatigue high blood pressure. Blurred vision anxiety is out of control unless I’m drunk. Loss of happiness. Depressed because I’m constantly thinking about getting cancer do to this fucked up nasty ass . Habit. All kinds of fucked up thoughts.

    1. Hang on Nate, I have chewed for 35+ years and I just quit 3 days ago. I had a nagging cough that no Dr. could diagnose. Within these 3 days I have stopped coughing. I keep telling myself health and wealth… The money I have spent and it has controlled my life… I have a long way to go, but I planned this quit with my Dr. he gave me some antidepressant shit and I hope to hell it works. The first 3 days have been pure hell. I drive 50 minutes to work, in which I used to enjoy a chew. It now seems like it takes 5 hours to get home. Let you control your life, not the chew is what I say. Praying for help has helped as well…

  10. July 15th was my quit day. It was awful but I used the patch and it Def made it better. Second time quiting. Chewed for 15 years. Made it this far but Christ is the craving for dip almost as strong as that first week. I don’t get it. Aghhhhghhgghh

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