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Connections Are The Key


The one and only ChickDip dropped this bit of knowledge on our Discord community recently and I just had to share it here. She absolutely NAILS the community that we cultivate at KTC and it’s why our program is so successful. What are you waiting for?

This Place Works
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This place works. It’s simple but not easy.

The key is connections. If you go solo, it’s possible you’ll stay quit, but there’s a higher chance of failure. So, you get digits, from few, from many. Digits are like vitamins or medication, you can have them, but if you don’t use them, they are useless.

We all have those first quitters we text or call when we’re on the ledge or needing a bit of extra Legs to stand on. It works.

What about those times, the ones when you’re addict brain is So far in the dumps that it makes you want to isolate yourself. You have several people’s numbers, but you’re now hiding from them. Your brain has you thinking that either you don’t need them, you need to take this alone, maybe you think that they don’t really care enough, or you want to isolate so no one is watching.

Why, when it’s the toughest you’ve ever had, you cut yourself off from the very thing that kept you quit for so long?

It’s definitely all about the people and the heart and commitment they show daily. Some are tireless.

Everyone has a chance. Use it.

NOTE: This piece written by community member ChickDip

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