Stop Big Tobacco From Luring Kids

Act Now

By Friday April 28th, 2017, Congress must vote on a spending bill to keep the government open. Tobacco companies are working to insert two provisions that would make it much harder for the FDA to protect kids from candy-flavored e-cigarettes and cigars. One provision exempts existing e-cigarettes and cigars from … Continue reading

An Important Message From Skoal – Recall

Skoal Recall Letter

Not that I needed another reason to stay away from tobacco here’s some one more. Back in January it was reported that U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Co, had recalled some of its smokeless tobacco products after consumers found metal objects in some cans. Thanks to Facebook fan and fellow quitter Bud we … Continue reading

The Surest Sign Baseball Men Were Here – Skoal Wintergreen

Adam Schefter Instagram

Adam Schefter, NFL Insider at ESPN took to social media the other night to tell us what we already know… baseball has a dipping problem.  Schefter posted the following picture to his Facebook, Instagram and Twitter account with this statement: “Walked into ESPN green room to work and spotted the … Continue reading

Raging Against Big Tobacco – Targeting Our Children

Big Tobacco Children

The sad reality of the world we live in is that there is BIG money in Big Tobacco.  They’ve got billions of dollars to throw around in the form of advertising.  Over the last few years I think it’s safe to say that the general population is getting more in … Continue reading

Taking a Bite Out of Big Tobacco – One Day at a Time

Big Tobacco

Yesterday, celebrated it’s 6 year anniversary of helping people quit chewing tobacco.  As part of that celebration, we had a one-day, site-wide roll call where folks put their name on a line and promised to be quit from chewing tobacco for that day.  We’ve done this in the past … Continue reading

The War On Drugs Has Failed – An Infographic

Failed War On Drugs

I received an interesting email the other day.  The author of the infographic below who’s name is Camille reached out to me through the contact form and asked if I thought this might be interesting to the members.  To be honest, I get requests like this pretty often and … Continue reading

Where Is The Outrage Against U.S. Tobacco?


I ran across this in the forums the other day in the General Discussion thread.  It was posted by forum member Frazzled.  I thought it was simply brilliant and I wanted to share it here with everyone: Something I posted today on Facebook. I already linked to KTC, but for … Continue reading

A Letter To The CDC

CDC logo

I received an email from a user the other day inquiring about nicotine levels in Skoal Xtra.  After doing some Googling of my own, I found out that it’s very difficult to find specific information.  I told the user that I’d do some additional research for and get back to … Continue reading