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The Surest Sign Baseball Men Were Here – Skoal Wintergreen

Adam Schefter, NFL Insider at ESPN took to social media the other night to tell us what we already know… baseball has a dipping problem.  Schefter posted the following picture to his Facebook, Instagram and Twitter account with this statement:

“Walked into ESPN green room to work and spotted the surest sign that the baseball men here worked late last night….”

Adam Schefter Instagram

As of this morning, the photo has 985 likes on Instagram, and another 672 on Facebook. And while in social media channels putting out a piece of “content” that garners over 1,600 likes with a slew of additional comments and discussion is a good thing, this brings up once again a dirty little secret about Major League Baseball – it’s FULL OF DIPPERS.

I’m not going to get into the “should dip be banned from baseball” discussion as I personally don’t think it should be banned.  These guys are grown men and they’ve got the right to use and abuse these products just like I did for nearly 2 decades.  What I’m pointing out is that smokeless tobacco is still super prevalent between the chalk lines of MLB, so much so that an ESPN analyst, a football analyst no less, sees a can of Skoal Wintergreen left out and equates it to major league baseball.

As I said earlier this year when I reached out to Nick Swisher, while I’m not looking for a ban in the sport, I’d implore these athletes to understand that whether or not they want to be, they are role models for children anywhere. And children want to emulate their role models. It could be by hitting a home run but it could be by throwing in a fatty. Just think about it guys.

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  1. I know Wrigley Field has a ban on it and any player caught dipping would face a fine, but that doesn’t stop multimillion dollar athletes. Sure, some of them go with gum and sunflower seeds, there are still a bunch with the can of death in their pocket. It’s too bad, Lotta young kids on that roster too.

  2. Yes, true, Re. baseball men were here. I was a professional, minor league, ball player in the late 1980’s. I remember having my pick of many an assorted brands of wet snuff and leaf chew ready for me to sample in the dugout; FREE for my taking of course. THANKS BIG TOBACCO- this helped lead to too many years of addiction and horrible withdrawals to/ from Copenhagen Snuff. This worm dirt is a killer………STAY AWAY.

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