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Discompassionate? There Is a Point Actually

Mean BossThere is a point to all of this, actually…

Where I was going with this was that there are certain methods that work here on this site..

We are all addicts.

Addicts lie to cover their addiction.. We lie to others, but more importantly we lie to ourselves..

Harsh methods are sometimes required to pull the mask off.. To blow away the smoke screen.. To show the lies for what they are. Actually, harsh methods are usually required.. And really the harsh method that destroys the web of self deception is the more compassionate method.. Because it brings out the truth and makes the deception clear.

When we coddle someone, we are not doing them any favors. We are only perpetuating the self-deception. A man will not quit until you can show the addiction for what it is.

Nicotine withdrawl will not kill you. DTs from alcohol withdrawl can kill you, but nicotine withdrawl will not. It just makes you wish that it could

No one forces the tobacco in our mouths. We make excuses. My girlfriend left me. My dog died, I lost my job. Whatever.. None of these are reasons to continue using tobacco. Even a tornado is not a reason to go back to tobacco. Sounds hard core.

It is…

Why? Which of these things are actually improved by tobacco? Any of them? No.. It just adds guilt to an already bad situation. It just makes it one more day you are enslaved.

“Well I needed that to get through this problem..” Total garbage.. It creates its own need.

A man will not quit until you show the addiction for what it is.. Enslaving self-deception. Once you do that, once he feels the sting.. And he has to feel the sting, by the way… Once you do that he will get a taste of true freedom.. Once he gets even a glimmer that he has the self control to stay off of this stuff, and he will gladly and even vehemently renounce tobacco and then do whatever is necessary to never do it again.

Anything short of that is self-deception…

The harsh treatment is not because we hate scottmacek the person.. We hate the person that tobacco turns scottmacek into. It turns him into a lying sack of self deceptive bullshit.

Right now he probably thinks I’m the biggest unfeeling discompassionate asshole that ever lived..

I am.. to the nicotine controlled scottmacek..

But if he ever becomes the “free from nicotine controlled by an unsotted clear thinking brain” scottmacek, he will thank me…

Does this even begin to make sense to you?

So then, are you really doing him a favor by perpetuating his self-deceptive lies?

Make him come clean! Be his real friend! Or would you rather see him with his jaw half-eaten away by cancer, no tongue, and a tumor growing around his brainstem as it slowly drags him down to the grave?


I think not. No, I’d rather be the asshole now than read his obituary later, thank you.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Romandog

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