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Doc468 avatarDay 100!!! I want to celebrate but at the same time, I’m humble enough to realize that, although 100 is a great milestone, it is in fact just another number. (I’ve made it to 400 or so on my own before and caved without a second thought) Funny thing about human nature is that, once a goal is met, we tend to become complacent and drift. I learned from my KTC brother BrianG that the next step is to set another goal and keep moving forward.

Thank God for KTC, I wouldn’t have made it this far without you ass-hat roll-wrecking fools from April. I’ve always lived under the delusion that Chew is not a commonplace addiction: I thought I was alone, I thought that no one else truly understood this addiction… No one in my peer group understands the rage of withdrawal, the pain of addiction, or the gut-wrenching torment of giving up something that has played such a central role in my life… But in KTC, I found a brotherhood of quitters that truly understand what I’m going through minute by minute.

Now I’m a man of few words (unless it’s a topic that I’m passionate about), it’s not my nature to jump into a conversation, or post just for the sake of posting. I’m more of a post-and-ghost kind of guy. Thanks to Batdad, Dan-Man, Weedsta, Airborne, and even RichardC (who’s no longer with us) [I know I’m forgetting someone, nothing personal] for allowing me to sit in the corner and watch the drama unfold. You’ve provided hours of enlightening entertainment and self-reflection and I’ve learned something about myself from each and every one of you. Special thanks to Samrs for the daily check-ins and KitKat for allowing me to find humor with the stupid memes. And BrianG, even though we hardly talk, you’re my Rockstar… I want to be just like you if I ever decide to grow up.

Getting long winded, so back to goals. Now that 100 is met, what’s the next goal? I challenge you all to set a goal and do whatever it takes to get there… Whether it’s your first 100, surviving until tomorrow, or your next 1000… My promise to myself and every one of you that happen to read this: ya’ll are stuck with me tagging along. I commit to post every damn day until I hit 365, then we’ll set another goal.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Doc468

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