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Don’t Get Complacent – What Do You Have To Lose?


There are few things that will kill a quit faster than complacency. One day you’re cruising along feeling like you could take on the world and the next you’re thinking that ‘just one won’t hurt‘. KTC Community member EdT3329 dropped this little reminder that we should all take note of:

Don't Get Complacent
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Don’t get complacent. I’m strong in my quit because of KTC. Let me be vulnerable with you. Today, I’m 336 days quit. I’m less than a month away from a solid year, a full rotation around the sun. I’m having a nice and relaxing day with my family, watching TV, smoking meat and drinking high quality booze. Girl on TV lights a cigarette and I momentarily let the nic whore tell me I could handle one cig or one dip. It’s a lie. If you’re grasping onto day 100 and plan to fade away from KTC and stop posting roll, just know that this addiction never fully leaves you. This one action a day, this network, could be the one thing that saves you from yourself. Stick around. What do you have to lose?

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan community member EdT3329

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