Brands & Flavors of Smokeless Tobacco, Dip, Snuff & Chew

Just because the flavor of a dip seems to be non-harmful, make no mistake about it – THESE PRODUCTS CONTAIN TOBACCO AND NICOTINE!!! They are NOT safe alternatives to cigarettes, they are addictive and they can cause cancer.

  • Beechnut Classic
  • Beechnut Wintergreen
  • Chattanooga Chew
  • Cooper Long Cut Wintergreen
  • Copenhagen Black
  • Copenhagen Long Cut
  • Copenhagen Long Cut Straight
  • Copenhagen Pouches
  • Copenhagen Snuff
  • Cougar Fine Cut Natural
  • Cougar Fine Cut Wintergreen
  • Cougar Long Cut Natural
  • Cougar Long Cut Wintergreen
  • Days Work
  • Gold River Long Cut Natural
  • Granger
  • Grizzly Fine Cut Natural
  • Grizzly Fine Cut Wintergreen
  • Grizzly Long Cut Mint
  • Grizzly Long Cut Natural
  • Grizzly Long Cut Wintergreen
  • H.B. Scott’s
  • Husky Fine Cut Natural
  • Husky Fine Cut Wintergreen
  • Husky Long Cut Mint
  • Husky Long Cut Natural
  • Husky Long Cut Straight
  • Husky Long Cut Wintergreen
  • Kayak Fine Cut Natural
  • Kayak Long Cut Apple
  • Kayak Long Cut Grape
  • Kayak Long Cut Peach
  • Kayak Long Cut Straight
  • Kayak Long Cut Wintergreen
  • Kodiak Ice
  • Kodiak Straight Cut
  • Kodiak Wintergreen
  • Lancaster
  • Levi Garrett Extra
  • Levi Garrett Plug
  • Levi Garrett Pouch
  • Longhorn Fine Cut Natural
  • Longhorn Fine Cut Wintergreen
  • Longhorn Long Cut Mint
  • Longhorn Long Cut Natural
  • Longhorn Long Cut Straight
  • Longhorn Long Cut Wintergreen
  • Peachy Chewing Tobacco
  • Mail Pouch
  • Red Man Golden Blend
  • Red Man Original
  • Red Man Plug
  • Red Man Select
  • Red Man Silver
  • Red Man Totems
  • Red Seal Fine Cut Natural
  • Red Seal Fine Cut Wintergreen
  • Red Seal Long Cut Mint
  • Red Seal Long Cut Natural
  • Red Seal Long Cut Straight
  • Red Seal Long Cut Wintergreen
  • Redwood Fine Cut
  • Redwood Long Cut
  • Renegades Long Cut Wintergreen
  • Revel Tobacco Packs Cinnamon
  • Revel Tobacco Packs Mint
  • Revel Tobacco Packs Wintergreen
  • Rooster Cool Wintergreen
  • Rooster Icy Mint
  • Rough Country Chewing Tobacco
  • Silver Creek Fine Cut Wintergreen
  • Silver Creek Long Cut Cherry
  • Silver Creek Long Cut Mint
  • Silver Creek Long Cut Straight
  • Silver Creek Long Cut Wintergreen
  • Skoal Bandits Mint
  • Skoal Bandits Wintergreen
  • Skoal Dry Cinnamon
  • Skoal Dry Menthol
  • Skoal Dry Regular
  • Skoal Fine Cut Straight
  • Skoal Fine Cut Wintergreen
  • Skoal Longcut Apple Blend
  • Skoal Longcut Berry Blend
  • Skoal Longcut Cherry
  • Skoal Longcut Citrus Blend
  • Skoal Longcut Classic
  • Skoal Longcut Frost
  • Skoal Longcut Key
  • Skoal Longcut Mint
  • Skoal Longcut Peach Blend
  • Skoal Longcut Spearmint
  • Skoal Longcut Straight
  • Skoal Longcut Vanilla Blend
  • Skoal Longcut Winter Blend
  • Skoal Longcut Wintergreen
  • Skoal Pouches Apple Blend
  • Skoal Pouches Berry Blend
  • Skoal Pouches Citrus Blend
  • Skoal Pouches Mint
  • Skoal Pouches Wintergreen
  • Sportsman’s Blend
  • Stokers Mint
  • Stokers Wintergreen
  • Stokers Straight
  • Taylor’s Pride
  • Timber Wolf Fine Cut Natural
  • Timber Wolf Fine Cut Wintergreen
  • Timber Wolf Long Cut Apple
  • Timber Wolf Long Cut Cool Wintergreen
  • Timber Wolf Long Cut Mint
  • Timber Wolf Long Cut Natural
  • Timber Wolf Long Cut Peach
  • Timber Wolf Long Cut Wintergreen
  • Timber Wolf Pouches Natural
  • Timber Wolf Pouches Wintergreen
  • Work Horse


  1. Why whenever a person doesn’t like something it has to be a campaign against it for the world this is 2020 all who seek help can get it and are aware. Their are those of us that don’t need you and your I can’t do it alone groups. Iam 73 year’s old chewing on a plug since 1960. Was a high school and college track star in 440 yd. dash, Rodeo champion, Archery champ and still walk the Forrest practiceing with my 52 lb. Fred Bear
    Recurve and long bow Drs. Give me good bill of health every year. Only bad health was cancer @ age 39 came from
    chemical, used on ranch. Continued to chew all thru my Chemo it helped me calm down no one is bothered since I don’t have to dispose of juice.
    If you live a perticular way of life and enjoy it fine do it quite and for yourself if you have to tell someone tell Your God he is always waiting for us all. I’m not pushing just passing on something that has helped me thru Hell and back life hasn’t been easy it’s tough for many with tougher things than cancer or addiction to a dip. So enjoy what you have and be greatfull if your here tomorrow.

  2. You know everyone is different, but for me just reading about all these brands and flavors made my mouth water and crave for tobacco. Last time I caved was directly because I started using the fake stuff, like I said everyone is different, but last time I quit I ordered some fake stuff to calm the cravings, while using it I couldn’t get the same satisfaction of the real stuff so it kept pushing for the nicotine fix until one fine day i came across an old can i had forgotten to throw away. I was on day 99 and I said, “what the hell, just one”. Then four years later I had to start all over again. If the fake stuff helps you stay off it then by all means use it, for me, I learned that I have got to stay off it completely.

    I quit with you all today

    Day 326

  3. Hello, does anyone know of a tobacco free nicotine pouch manufacture? I am starting a company and need a product similar to and appreciate any help on this matter. thanks

    1. No but I dip a can of grizzly wintergreen wide cut or long cut a day if you can make it with the amount of nicotine in that I will help you with the financial aid I’m a lawyer

  4. Hey peeps what I am trying to find is the tiny plastic tin of leaves that are rolled up ,but these don’t make you spit. I also can’t recall the name of them. Email me if you know what im talking about.ac55 thank you.

      1. Thanks for the info. I’ve been looking for this too. It’s too expensive to order from Denmark. Lil Brown shop won’t ship it. Do you know anywhere in the US that will ship?

    1. Nate i agree with you but you shld prob leave this website go cuz its for dippers trying to quit but you state valid points and you should try to stop

  5. It’s difficult for me to believe the ignorance of some of you. I’ve been dipping Copenhagen for about 27 years. When I was younger I could stop whenever I wanted and would go up to a year without it so I never thought twice about it. 10 years ago I got to the point where I didn’t want to be addicted to this horrible habit… I couldn’t stop. I tried off and on for years to quit and couldn’t do it. I bought a vape 3 years ago to help quit, it worked for a while but the addiction wouldn’t go away. I’m back in, dipping a can a day of CLC.
    If you honestly think dip isn’t harmful to your health you’re sadly mistaken and poorly informed. There is plenty of data available on the cancer/heart disease/ vascular disease risks of those who dip vs the general population. The risks are real.
    I wish I could quit forever, I just can’t seem to do it.

    1. I could go on for days but I’m going to let Dr. Rodu do the talking for me. I’ve had way too many relatives die of shit causes that dipped to believe that it causes cancer. I promise that the FDA providing these false numbers is a ploy to make the Christian Anti-Tobacco extremists happy and you have fallen for it my good man.

        1. I don’t trust either government or tobacco company opinions from doctors. What I do trust is evidence provided in courts and debated back and forth by lawyers for both parties in front of a jury. Evidence has shown over and over that tobacco in any form does harm some people. Some do have a genetic make up where they are more likely to be harmed by tobacco. Others have used tobacco all their life with no harmful effects. It really come down to genetics more than anything else. The national average for people getting cancer from dipping tobacco is the same average as for people who have never dipped tobacco. If a person want to use tobacco, use it. If they want to quit, quit. If they don’t want to use it, don’t. It is about personal freedom. How many people will march in the streets and support the killing of babies by abortion calling it; “A woman’s right to choose” but will then turn around and try to try to take away that same freedom of choice from others.

    2. I started as a child around 4 or 5. Growing up in a farm and growing our own tobacco it was normal back then. I could go in any store and but cigarettes. Nobody questioned things in the 70s. Everything can be a habit. I enjoydipping. Nasty ?yes. But I even sleep all night with a dip in. I’ll be 50 in November. I enjoy the habit. I know it’s bad for me. But ice come to accept the fact no body gets out of this world alive. Pale who never use tobacco daily from cancer and heart issues. Done die in car wrecks. At least if it kills me I’ll know what done it. And I can say I’ve lived a life I enjoyed. I wish you the best of luck quitting. It does seem impossible. I’ve tried to. But I enjoy it so I’m weak. Pray about it. Ask God to help you. It sure can’t hurt to. May you all be blessed. Those who do and do not dip. God bless you all.

    3. I here you I’ve dipped cope for 12 years grizz for 2 and I love longhorn natural for the past 10 years ready to try it again I’m looking for a non with a little burn no wintergreen no peach just hard tobacco taste similar to what I’m dipping now any help if wasted a lot of good dollars on smokey mountain and cant do it thx

  6. i believe dip can cause cancer but I also believe it’s a very slim chance, in fact research has shown that smokeless tobacco causes cancer in 1% of the general population. I don’t think you need to worry about cancer guys.

          1. Wintergreen used to be my goto for the past year, til I got sick of having the same flavor over and over again

      1. Copenhagen is always a very good brand along with grizzly.those two are the most natural chewing tobacco in my opinion.

      2. Depends on your taste I’d say Copenhagen straight cause it my daily dip if u like flavors skoal cherry pretty good if u like minty type flavor Copenhagen LCD intervenes a great bet

      3. I started on pouches because I have braces but for a beginner dip I would recommend mint or wintergreen because it already has a taste your taste buds will recognize

      4. Skoal pouches are the best to start. Your body has to get use to all of the nicotine and everything that is in the dip. I started woth that when i was 15 now im 16 and use copehagrn wintergreen.

      5. I started with skoal xtra mint . anything minty is a good start , Stay away from Skoal Berry , that shit will kill you.

      6. Copenhagen Straight Long Cut, or Copenhagen Southern Blend Long Cut. I started when I was in AIT for Army, those were the two that always stood out to me, love the taste. If that’s too strong you can always go to Skoal, it has a bunch of different flavors. If I had to choose Skoal, I’d pick up Extra Mint.

      7. There’s really no right or wrong one, but you wanna start probably with something that isn’t real strong as using weaker tobacco gives your body time to get acclimated to the nicotine. The strongest ones (ones you should avoid) are Mint, Wintergreen, Southern Blend, and in many cases, Straight. I’d say go for something pretty mild at first like SkoalLC Cherry or Wolf Peach. Then start out with baby pinches and work your way up to your most comfortable serving size.

      8. OMG. I am communicating from the future Kyle…. & I just slapped the shit out of you!!! If you haven’t started & want to think about it long and hard. It affects everything in your life… everything! And think about what kind of girl will accept it. What kind of girl do you like on the scale. You’ll be lucky to hit a positive #. More than likely you’ll end up with a negative beauty…. in fact I know because again I’m your future. Kyle your future is in your hands… it’s your choice but don’t you ever say you weren’t warned. This goes for anyone thinking of starting. I know when your young you think you can handle anything but as you grow older it’s unbelievable how big life gets. One more thing… if you have to ask the question what good is it for you to know… use your common sense

        Sincerely yours your future you…. ps for everyon… I’m not preaching I’m speaking from experience & if I had the chance to go back & slap some sense into me…. I wouldn’t slap I’d break my jaw-

        1. I actually like this answer, my husband dips. When we first met we made a better who could stop their bad habbit. I was a smoker him a Dipper. I haven’t smoked in 2 years he buys a can of chew every other day. I won the bet but I love him and I chose to deal with his nasty habbit. Spit bottles are gross, I was totally against dating someone who dips, my entire growing up. I am 30 now and and have reasoning lol. But I agree it will be hard to fine a women to accept that bad habbit. Future Kyle hopefully present Kyle takes your advice.

        2. Listen to Chris. I’m 56 y/o. I started when I was 15 or 16 y/o and it wasn’t a negative.We didn’t know it’s long term affects. We also didn’t know how hard it would be to stop. I have yet to succeed in my efforts to quit. 40 years, man!! One of the greatest talents in life is the ability to learn from others mistakes and not make them yourself. Listen. Just don’t do it.

      9. Why would you want to start? You see all these people complaining about how hard it is for them to quit and u think it’s a good idea? It’s an awful habit to start and if ur not addicted already dont start!!! It’s expensive and eventually you’ll regret ever starting. I’ve been chewing and smoking over 15 years and I’ve been trying to quit for at least 7 of those years. Once your hooked ur hooked there isn’t any turning back from that decision. If u want to destroy ur body now then so be it but here’s a couple warnings: #1 ur not cool!! #2 it ruins ur teeth, gums and throat #3 most woman fund it very unattractive and won’t want to be with u #4 if u do find a woman that will be with u she will be grossed out every time u go to kiss her and most likely won’t kiss u… So rethink ur decision of wanting to start. Don’t be young and dumb man. Even though it may look cool to u now but when u get out of high school absolutely nobody will ever think it’s cool!!!

    1. Only 1% of the general population get cancer from chewing tobacco, becasue not a big percentage of the population does it. What’s the percentage of people who do chew tobacco, that get cancer?

      1. I’m pretty sure this was calculated about Sweden. And they’re a huge tobacco country. And not as big as the US

    2. Smokeless tobacco has the same amount of carcinogens as coffee. And just tobacco had nicotine. Coffee has caffeine which are both addictive. The only real truth is tobacco is addictive, just like coffee. And think about how many people in the U.S. alone drink coffee.

      1. “Smokeless tobacco has the same amount of carcinogens as coffee.”

        Is this true? I’ve never seen this particular factoid. Can you please provide a source?

    3. Go work in a surgical ICU where they have to resect areas on patients who have oral cancer. Trust me… you will be convinced.

  7. I am girl at first when I put a dip in I thow up that was at 14 and that was grizzle wintergreen and now I am 22 and doing longhorn wintergreen. I do it because itz like a relaxer for work when working with damass

  8. Ok guys lets be honest here your chances of getting mouth cancer are low. Remember cancer is treatable if found early. I do monthly checks and I recommend you do it too. Chewing tobacco and dip don’t cause mouth cancer or any cancer for that sort. It may effect it but it’s not the main cause. Everybody wants you to stop dipping because they think it looks nasty. Well they have to suck it up and deal with it. Cancer is an overgrowth of cells and last time I checked dip and chew don’t do that… SMOKE DOES. So nobody should stop dipping because a man in a white labcoat says stop dipping and chewing tobacco just because he’s paid to say that. Do what you want to do. I’m 25 and I’ve dipped since I was 16. I have no health problems and I’m active and fit. I also go through a can a day. Do what you want.

      1. I appreciate what yall do. I am stuck between wantin to quit an lovin the oral fixation. The good book says not to be mastered by anything so i gotta take breaks which seems to help but yall got any ideas oe substitutes for regular snuff. Sometimes i use chaw like redman but i wanna get away from ST completely but still get that good spit in. Somethin bout havin a plug in feels great.

          1. Hey Ryan – when you say “these products” are you referring to the alternative products that are listed here:

            If so, then I’d point you to Hooch Wintergreen

            Bacc-Off Energized Wintergreen

            Those two (along with SMC) are probably my favorites

      2. The Marsee family sued though and lost the case. A jury said that snuff was in this case not the cause of Sean Marsee’s tongue cancer.

        1. I’ve not researched the details of that particular case so I can’t comment. I’ll simply say this… while I clearly hate Big Tobacco, if I were on a jury where someone was suing them I’d most likely rule the same way. Not because tobacco wasn’t at fault but because I’d have a hard time awarding the case to the Marsee family for something Sean chose to do to himself.

          I’ll get back to you after I’ve done some more research…

      1. I’ve never joined conversations before but after reading some comments thought I would chime in…I’ve been chewing since I was 12 and am now 53 .. I’ve never had any tobacco related health issues.. That being said , it is obviously addicting and not “good” for if you’ve never tried it..don’t. Just because nothing has happened to me so far doesn’t mean anything won’t happen to you. Every body is different and reacts different ways…my advice is run your own life and don’t let any addiction run it for you……

        1. No way-it takes years and its not a garentee-this site is too cought up in anti tobacco media,everything on here is exaggerated dips not healthy but it probably won’t kill you

          1. It’s “caught” but that’s not why I’m responding.

            I’m not going to bother defending whether or not the real experiences of real quitters we relay here are exaggerated or not. Be your own judge. I know what I know and I know that dip did to me.

            That said, I’d tend to agree with you. Dip “probably” won’t kill you. But why take the chance?

          2. you guys need to do some research dip has about 30x the cancer causing agents of normal things like food ect ect while cigs are about 300x. Dip is not safe it does cause mouth cancer i know someone who has mouth cancer from it. The safest type tobaco is steam pasturized snus it has like 3.5-5.0 tsna/ cancergenes. Research (Sweden Snus ) (Cancergenes in dip) ( Cancergenes in cigerettes ) Google is your freind do the research your health is worth it

          3. I have been told to quit chewing by someone who had a cigarette hanging from their mouth. My point is that people get so caught up in how tobacco causes cancer they don’t see the whole picture. I’m trying to see the point of view from all these people that are anti-tobacco but i just cant seem to get head that far up your a**. Let people make their own decisions and let them make their own decisions.

        2. Not as far as i can tell the danger i can tell you is you may go from a can every 5 days to a can every other day. My advice take breaks every once in a while if you dont auit. Gove you time to recover and reduce your tolerance

  9. I am 20 years old and I started chewing a few months ago. When I first started I used the Skoal Mint pouches and a few minutes into the first time I threw up, but eventually I guess I got used to it. Now I chew maybe a can a week, is that a lot?? Right now I am trying to find the brand I like the best, any suggestions??

    1. If you like hard straight up tobacco dips your best bet is Copenhagen fine cut or long cut original… If you like candy like dips Skoal is for you and if you like in between a hard and sweet dip go with Copenhagen straight

    2. Wish I could use just a can a week. I’m 44 and been dipping since I was 19, and I go through about 4 to 5 cans a week.

    3. Don’t feel lonely. For 20 years I have been dipping and throw up EVERY time, however; I have been keeping a slim and trim figure.

      1. Same here. Why does everyone here tell people to quit when they are doing it too… people will do what they want what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

          1. This is hilarious. The guy who is “fighting to keep us healthy ” is to caught up being an English teacher Advance his cause. It’s people like this that make me sick. Quit drinking soda they cause health issues. Quit eating gluten it’s bad for you. Unless you grow your own food and raise your own cattle you’re eating shit that has man-made chemicals in it that’ll probably all bad for your health so why pick on Tobacco? Is it because they’re successful?

          2. @Ethan

            It’s “too” caught up.

            Advance shouldn’t be capitalized.

            Tobacco shouldn’t be capitalized.

            Now that I’ve got my English out of the way…. I can get back to fighting to keep you healthy. *sigh*

          3. In fairness this is blog about quitting. I have no intention of quitting and just happened to stumble across this page heading decided to troll. I love a good debate though so here we go. Why would you make a comment about my misplace capitalizations and not about why you chose tobacco as your scapegoat and not one of the million other health concerns that scientists have told us is killing us? No more trolling simply seeking answers.

          4. Appreciate the legit question / conversation. You’re absolutely right. Damn near everything will kill us. Theoretically, we could have the same “crusade” against a ton of other things whether it be soda, meat, coffee, etc. It’s a legitimate question. I can’t speak for anyone else, but just for myself.

            Smokeless tobacco damn near killed me. If not physically then mentally and emotionally. It’s something that I did for 16+ years and when I quit there was very little info out there that spoke to me, the dipper. There was (and continues to be) a ton of info for smokers. I, and the other founders of KTC, set out to build a community where people who were looking to quit could come and get support, get questions answered, etc. That’s what we’ve done.

            Why tobacco? Because it affected me personally. I’m not one of these anti-tobacco zealots (or at least I don’t try to be) that says “EVERYONE NEEDS TO QUIT – BAN ALL TOBACCO!!!” That’s sort of a silly tact in my opinion. We’re all adults. If you choose to use tobacco, that’s your choice. If and when someone makes their decision then we’ll be there for them.

  10. I have been on and off of chew for the last 13 years, I’m now turning 40 in a few months, I’ve quit cold turkey for over a year before. But after a friend offered some went back to it. My wife wants me to quit, its a hard thing to just give up. I started chewing redman long leaf while I was deployed to Iraq. and changed its up to Skoal and now Grizzly.

    1. Dominic,
      One thing I have learned in my many attempts and failures to quit is you have to do it you YOU. Not for anyone else. I have tried quitting for family members and that did me no justice as I didn’t want to quit. You may need to show yourself a reason why you want to quit. I did, and now I am more determined than ever. However, that is my rationality behind quitting. I hope everything works out for you.
      Best of luck to you.

  11. Chewie, ive been looking at some of your comments but i never see you or anyone else say theyve had any extreme health issues. Do you know anyone thats actually gotten mouth cancer or issues from dipping? All these people have been dipping for double digit years and i dont see anything that says its ruined there life. I was kinda skeptical on the whole smokless is safer than ciggarettes thing but it doesnt seem like many people have issues with it. Obviously ciggarettes are worse because of the lungs but let me know thanks.

    1. Hey chew rarely gives mouth cancer, 9/10000 cases a year. I know people who’ve dipped for 60 years, and 50,40,30,20 and they’re still going at it bud

        1. It does not effect EVERYONE in the same way. Best to stop if you are experiencing symptoms.

          My Grandfather had a golf ball size of Plow Boy in his jaw 24/7 since about age 15…. unless he was sleeping. Never had a problem..

          1. You either A) have incredible luck or B) don’t know too many people.

            Either way you not having a problem with it doesn’t change what these products do.

      1. Chewie I agree with u I have been dipping for almost 22 years now an I agree with u I would do anything to quit I have spent thousands on top of thousands on dip grizzly wintergreen an straight an yeah my teeth are literally getting holes in them from dip an I brush an floss an rinse every day but that doesn’t mean nothing cause dip has fiberglass in it that cuts the gums so the nicotine can flow in an yes I’m chewing now an I would love to quit but it’s so hard I have quit drinking an smoking an everything but dip is the hardest to quit an the tobacco like grizzly an all other brands of dip ain’t what gives u cancer it’s the chemicals that gives u cancer like pesticides an chemicals to keep the disease away from it an most important the fiber glass it cause cancer to my great granddad chewed rope tobacco for years an he lived to be 101 but that’s because he raised his own organic an plus he didn’t chew the hard stuff like we do today I use to work on a tobacco farm an if u only could see the pesticide we used u would quit now we had to wear suits an respirators an everything just to spay this crap an it said toxic right on the side of the spayer so yeah the chemicals is what’s causing cancer not the tobacco but I appreciate what y’all are doing here keep up the good work chewie an God bless maybe some day I can quit an hope it’s soon

  12. I’ve only been dipping for a month but I’ve been addicted I go through maybe a can or two ever two days not much but I can feel it and honestly I’m stopping by getting an ecig with no nicotine and a high flavor boost because I go for the flavor of dip and it’s simple and easy but that’s personally your choice it’s America you have the right to do what you want but I’m trying to lend a helpful hand to those who want to quit

    1. I’m 37,I started dipping when I was 12, blended in ciggarittes at 14, I been mainly smoking since 20, LISTEN TO me, the Ciggarittes are NOT the SAME as they was back if the whole”Fire Safe”Kind/SCAM. The dip isn’t either. I still smoke, I’m like a crack addict on ciggarittes, I never have done drugs in drank, but I’m telling YOU quit NOW. If the products was what they was 7year ago back, I would say take the chance. But not now. ,Look I know a lot of this people are just wanting to be Authoritarians and take away rights and freedoms, and most of this anti smokers/dippers are just PUKES that says Beer is better than smoking. But I’m NOT one of those,, It’s like a former Cocaine Addict that spoke at my high school years ago said, There is nothing wrong with Smoking a cigarette ,a joint ,doing a line of clean Coke,having a drank it whiskey here and there, BUT,THE PROBLEM IS VERY,VERY FEW PEOPLE PER MILLION,CAN Just use it some very lightly. So stop now.

      1. So my POINT is Weather it be Drugs,or Tobacco Products, it’s all Addictive, and there was risks with Tobacco Products for years,but with all the chemical additives like the fire safe ciggarittes have, and the chemicals additives in smokeless tobacco so it will stay fresher ,longer tell it sells on the shelf, they are MORE dangerous than EVER!

  13. I honestly feel terrible for any one that gets addicted to chewing. I have chewed for years by choice some times I go for months without any tobacco or nicotine and other times I go threw 3 cans a day but its all based on if I feel like it. I could stop today and never touch it again. But I still chew because I know I can stop at any time and the buzz is great!

    1. Yeah, i felt the same way for 4 years and I could stop and not care, and I didn’t care. But now I’m addicted… It took 5 years for me to be addicted

    1. Hey bud. I’m only 15 and I dip. One way to stop it is to start getting sunflower seeds and if that doesn’t work, smokey mountain makes a non tobacco dip that doesn’t contain nicotine or tobacco and can’t give you cancer.

  14. I’m 18 and I’ve dipped consistantly every day for the past 2 years. about a tin and a half a day. wouldn’t want it any other way.

      1. What if we don’t want to quit? Leave us alone tobacco isn’t even bad like it’s addictive yes but I’m 35 been dipping since I was 12 and there is nothing wrong with me dentist can’t even tell I dip….

        1. If you don’t want to quit, then don’t come to an anti-dip website and troll the comments.

          If you’ve been dipping since you were 12 and your dentist can’t tell… hate to say it bro… you’ve got a shitty dentist 😉

  15. Im 14 I dip grizzly straight long cut I dip about a 1 1/2- 2 cans a day I also dip Copenhagen mint any one know somthing that can help me cut back

  16. My name is Rico and I started dippin not too long ago I started with grizzly long cut wintergreen then grizz mint then Copenhagen long cut and not I’m trying longhorn just FYI longhorn is the weakest I dip a whole can of that to get the flavor of one pinch of grizz long cut

  17. I live in Alberta Canada, a tin of any kind of chew is over $30. I need to quit but I’m highly addicted. Any help?

  18. Hey im josh 25 been dippin since 2009 had my first at 12 in 2002 i dont wanna quit but to slow down a bit any tips

  19. My name is Taylor delainey I’m a girl I’m 18 , I know it’s weird to hear a girl that dips but shit I’m addicted to it and I need to stop so my boyfriend and gotta freak out every damn time he sees menwith a pinch but stopping is the hard thing , what’s a way guys?

    1. I dip I’m a girl. Not weird just rare. Cold turkey is better but much harder try substitute like keeping something in your mouth. Gum seeds anything it helps. I dip because it helps with my stress since I have panic attacks but besides the point. Just don’t substitute dip for cigarette or chew. Because fighting an addiction with another will only hurt you more.

  20. Yeah, smoking skills almost 500,000 people a year including secondhand smoke, and dippers are the ones that get looked down upon. God forbid someone wants to have some common curtesy and not expose someone else to their habits. I could see why someone would want to get rid of smoking seeing as how it effects other people too, but until someone spits dipspit in someone’s mouth, they really just need to shut their cake hole about it.

    1. That video is predicated on a “Pick your poison” premise. You have the option of not picking any poison. Personally I suggest no poison.

      EXCUSES are not based in reason.

  21. Darn hard to find a good reseller of dip these days. I’m tired of the limited offerings from Skoal. I was grateful to find the summary of the many options above – I know, I know, you guys are all about kicking the can. One day. I’m not really convinced that they have conclusively determined there is a link between oral cancer and dip. Smoking, yep, agree 100% that is bad for you. Who lights stuff on fire and sucks it into their lungs? That’s just crazy right there.

    1. If you’re not conviced there’s a link, I won’t bother trying to convince you as it would be futile. If you’re ever ready to stop being a slave to nicotine, we’ll be here.

      1. A slave to nicotine? Who are you exactly? Some religious nut? A guy or girl trying to change the world on a website? I don’t understand why you’re doing this? What’s your story?

        1. My story in a nutshell…

          I was addicted to dip for 16+ years. I quit. I’m better off for it.

          There are others out there who are looking to quit. We provide information for them.

          Now… what’s your story? Troll? Someone looking to quit? Or have you tried and failed several times? There’s got to be a reason you’ve run across our little site on the web.

  22. Hi I am a dipper in the UK, I want to quit but herbal alternatives are not available in the UK due to sale restrictions from the EU. Is there any websites that will ship it to the UK?

  23. I’m Brian currently 27 and dip 2 1/2 – 3 cans a day of kayak lc winter green and have been dipping almost 19 years somthing has got to give for health and financial reasons. I don’t want to try fake tobacco I did that for 10 months in 2012. I don’t want a crutch I want to be freed from this bondage. Anyone have any advice or helpful scriptures.

    1. Try sunflower seeds the ones still in the shell. Put a few in your mouth at once and shell them then eat seed. Salted is best. Good luck

        1. I had to look it up…

          “1 Corinthians 6:19-20New International Version (NIV)

          19 Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; 20 you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies.”

        2. also 1 corinthians 10:23 is dippin a thing that edifies God? Most likely not. I struggle with it as well though so i cant pass judgment.

      1. “1 Corinthians 6:19-20New International Version (NIV)

        19 Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; 20 you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies.”

    1. I remember that feeling of “loving” my Kodiak too. I’ve come to find out that it was my addiction talking. When / if you’re ready to quit, we can help. You know where we are.

    2. When you want to stop, this website is here. I was a two can a day (sometimes 3) dipper too. When you want to quit remember that it’s not the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog that will carry you over.

  24. I smoked for 11 years, started dipping skoal berry for about a month, before I educated myself on what I was doing to myself. When I discovered Swedish Snus, I then realized that the addictive burn and buzz from skoal was really all the chemicals that they added, and had nothing to do with tobacco at all. Now my I’m slowing cutting back, not because I’m forcing myself to, the boredom of dipping General Loose Snus and the lack of chemical additives is naturally allowing my body to stop tobacco products all together. And being that Swedish snus is considered to be a food, it’s against their laws to allow anything bad to be put into their product except water, tobacco, salt, humectants, and flavouring. I think it’s the best first step in quitting dip.

  25. My name is wesley im 19 I do skoal berry blend, I go through a roll of it in 3 or 4 days I have got to stop dippen as much as I do any tips? I dip so much cause I get bored all day

    1. Hey Wesley – if you’re looking to quit but still want to continue the “act” of dipping, there are several products available that contain no nicotine and no tobacco that would be perfect for you. You can find them at the following link which will also give you reviews, coupons and ingredients. Also, when you’re ready to quit, I’d urge you to join our forum at where we’ve got over 19,000 members that “get it” cause we’ve all been right where you are. It’s the best resource available to get questions answered and support from people who know what you’re dealing with.

    2. Okay my name is Taylor I’m a girl I’m 18 and I live in fort worth tx , well it is kinda weird to see that a girl dips but I am trying to stop I dip Copenhagen southern blend and skoal berry and I need some help on quitin , any help

      1. There are a number of options. I used Nicotine lozenges and Smokey Mountain Straight. The blend is a little sweeter than Cope straight but you get used to it.. I dipped Skoal and Cope straight for 30 years.

        Woman Ninja Dipper

        1. The problem with using the lozenges is this… you’re not “quit” and you can’t really begin to heal until the nicotine is out of your bloodstream. By using those lozenges all you’ve really done is switched your delivery method. It would be similar to a Jack Daniels drinker switching to Budweiser.

    3. Don’t do berry blend do wintergreen like grizzly or copenhagen or just do a natural dip like straight or natural it stronger and the wintergreen burn a little bit so it will make you not want to go threw a role that fast I go threw a role of grizzly in like 2 to 3 or days I’m so use to doin it

    1. Alternate between smoking and dipping. Kinda worked for me.I’m 59 male. Smoke was worse for me. Had to keep in top shape (82nd airborne 74-81)back when a pouch of beechnut was 25 cents on base. Course a 6pk. Of blatz was 99 cents. Sorry ran of the subject here. But seriously remember when Copenhagen container was made of cardboard & wax? Darn if I can find it in Denver. Probably not looking hard enough. Any feedback would help! Thank you for putting up with my rambling! Life is short! Enjoy!!

    1. Cody, when you’re ready, I’d suggest you join us on our forums at – we’ve got over 18,000 members who know just what it’s like to be where you are cause we’ve all been there before. It’s the best place on the web to get questions answered, support and the tools to get and stay quit.

  26. I have a hard time finding
    Longhorn natural for a good price
    Can I order from online and get it sent right to my home? I usually pay 99 cents a can or 4.50 for a roll of 5
    But the places are sold out a lot
    Email me

      1. Tobacco is a sacred, healing plant in Native American spirituality. It was used long before European contact and “big tobacco”. This plant that you seem to consider a scourge is beneficial in certain types of mental illness and also Parkinson’s disease. This is because of nicotine, a relatively harmless drug that promotes feelings of contentment, and pleasure. All tobacco that is not smoked, i.e. snuff, snus, chewing tobacco, etc., is less carcinogenic than smoked tobacco. The cancer risks of tobacco, particularly dip, are overblown. Tsna levels (tobacco specific nitrosamines), the principal carcinogens in tobacco, can be controlled (look at the Gothiatek standards for Swedish snus). If we focused on safer tobacco rather than letting the government find another way to take our hard earned money through tax raises, or banning it outright, which you probably support, we could make tobacco much safer than it already is, which is pretty safe to begin with. I come from a long, proud line of tobacco users, sir, and it really gets under my skin when I hear someone defaming tobacco, and in doing so, defaming America. Tobacco is in my blood, literally and figuratively, as I write this. You twist the truth. You lie. Citing specific cases of cancer caused by dip makes it seem that it is much more of a risk than it is in reality. But you don’t live in reality, do you? Per capita, cases of cancer among tobacco users are exceedingly rare, and the risk is negligible.

        1. Oh Dale…

          I’m not going to respond to the place tobacco has in the Native American spirituality as I have no frame of reference.

          What I have issue here is your rather ignorant statement that I “probably support” the outright banning of tobacco. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Believe me, don’t believe me… your choice.

          As for your long long line of proud tobacco users… good for you.

          You’ve got every right to be offended for me “defaming tobacco”. People being offended seems to be a national past time these days. I speak from personal experience. I hated being an addict to the stuff and I’m proud that I was able to to quit. I was weak and now I’m stronger and better off without it in my life.

          I’m having a hard time making the leap from “defaming tobacco” to “defaming America” but I’ll let that one slide.

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