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outdoortexan – Smokeless Tobacco and My Cancer

I know some of you know my story but some may not. Perhaps someone is stopping in this site and just thinking about quitting. I hope you make that choice and kill your can for good.

outdoortexan in ICUA little over 9 years ago I lay on a hospital bed at M.D. Anderson Cancer center in Houston. In the exact spot I had held my dip for so long they found a squamous cell carcinoma spot. I was told it was directly related to my dipping. That was near the end of September.

Now it was time to take care of it. My operation lasted some eleven hours. A large section of gum matter, three teeth and thirty seven lymphnodes were removed. My jawbone was shaved to half of it’s thickness and a plate with screws added for reinforcement. A section of flesh was removed from my leg and now and forever resides in my mouth.

My recovery will never be complete as I have pain everyday from the surgery. When I wake in the mornings my neck has drawn tight and I have to stretch it. Some days it refuses to loosen. If I hold my head a certain way for any length of time, it tightens. Being a welder I usually hold my head a certain way everyday. I will forever have this piece of leg in my mouth and no one who has had this “pleasure” will know what wonderful breath and taste you can have with leg in your mouth, especially when you wake in the morning.

I hope this is not to commercially for you, but in case you haven’t read my story or seen my pictures, go to my My Webpage and see what dipping did for me. If you are visiting here for the first time and merely considering quitting, please PLEASE do so. And don’t forget to use every resource this site provides. I have been MIA in helping you guys and for that I apologize. I hope you all know I am willing to share with, talk with, any of you and would be deeply honored to help with your quit.

Take care, God bless and have a wonderful dip free remainder of your life.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member outdoortexan

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Snuffy72 (Terri)
Snuffy72 (Terri)
4 months ago

I have read his story several times and I can’t get over how that could have been me, or anyone of the awesome badass quitters in my January 2024 group. I am so grateful to @outdoortexan for sharing his story. Does anybody know how he’s doing now? I sincerely hope he’s had so much goodness in his life.

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