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Falluncan – Somehow Someway I Got There

KTC Logo Old PhotoWell, Somehow someway I got there..

I want to take care of my apology first. May brothers I often failed to get that roll posted during these first hundred days. To tell you the truth I am not a roll posting kind of guy. I had event reminders in outlook at work so that I could remember to post roll. I had a lot of support and alot of caring for a complete stranger from my may brethren (and others) and that made all the difference.

I hope my HOF speach can be the difference for someone. I tried this site a few years ago, and failed miserably. I didnt really have enough reasons to quit i think. Ya people throw out the standard bitch is killing you, don’t let her control you, take back your life type stuff. That just didnt work for me.

What did? My 6 year old looking at me and asking me why I am killing myself with that spitty stuff. My 7 year old telling the cashier at fareway to please stop selling my daddy dip. The odd thing is that it was just the fact that she knew enough to call it dip that rocked me to the core.

Dipshit and Tarp, I don’t even know if you remember this but you two made me flush my kodiak down the toilet 100 days ago. All of you fuccnuts in that chatroom. Mainly Griz, Time, dipshit, and tarp, but there were others, I would never have made it through the rough spots without you. Brian, just knowing that someone in my own town was going through this was massive. Still need to grab a beer. My wife will never read this, but I cant tell you how proud I am to have her. She put up with all kinds of shit and never asked for anything.

Thanks all you quitters…see ya around still quit.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Falluncan

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