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Freedom is a Wonderful Thing

FreedomA co-worker this afternoon wandered by my desk and asked if I wanted to take a walk down to the corner so he could pick up a pack of smokes.  I’m all for taking an opportunity to get away from the desk so I agreed.  As we walked down the block he smoked and I talked.  We entered the store and there was the “wall of nicotine” in all its glory: smokes, chew, dip & snuff.

He ordered his pack of Marlboro Lights and the worker turned to me.  I can’t even tell you how great it was to say, “Nothing for me thanks.”  I’ve been quit for quite a while now, but it’s these little things that keep the quit real.  It was a great feeling.

Back to work!

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  1. I can tell you that “the other side of the fence” is a great place to be. You’ll be here soon my friend!

  2. That is an awesome feeling Chewie. Nothing better than knowing you’re stronger than the urge to use. Sure it isn’t easy, but the satisfaction you get from turning away from the nicotine, especially after the powerful grip she had on us for so long, is a feeling of pride and accomplishment.

    Having this new found freedom, for me, has been a wonderful experience. Not being ashamed to participate in activities that I would’ve been too embarrassed to do because of the nasty habit I had for all those years is wonderful. It’s like I got a part of my life back that had been in hiding for years because it was like a dark secret that I was keeping from everyone.

    Now, thanks to KTC, I’ve got that part of my life back. It’s an amazing place and I owe every bit of my quit to that site. Heck, I wasn’t even looking to quit when I found the site. I went into the chat room and got a real eye opener and immediately flushed my tin and quit right then and there.

    If you’re on the fence and considering quitting, do yourself a favor and at the least check out There is a lot of information there and you just may save yourself from the addiction you’ve been hooked to for all this time. You have nothing to lose and you just may make a friend or two.

    Here’s to seeing you on the “other” side of the fence.

    Move Forward

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