Gruen – Cancer at 17

I ran across this old video today of Gruen Von Behren telling the story of how he got cancer from chewing tobacco at 17. It was posted to truthorange’s YouTube channel in February of 2011. Sadly, in 2015 Gruen lost his battle with cancer. Rest in Peace sir.

Video Transcription

I grew up on a farm in Central Illinois, a town with 750 people, very rural. I mean if you drive by my hometown , if you blink you’ll go right by it.

I started using spit tobacco at 13. I was diagnosed with cancer at 17, about three and a half years before I seen my first signs of cancer.


It happened to me very quickly, and it’s been a life lesson ever since.

I was very naive about what tobacco could do, I had to learn the hard way.

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