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Nicotine Satan

Nicotine Satan
Illustration by Richie Pope / www.newyorker.com

You try to fit in with that crowd of kids smoking and rubbing. They all seem like the cool kids at the fair behind the barns. You walk over and bum rub off the littlest guy there. You throw it in your lip, push your chest out and spit for the first with Satan nicotine. You think your a cool kid now walking around spitting with a pinch in your lip. That is until you decide to take that first drink and swallow half of that little pinch in your lip. Your stomach starts twisting, your head starts spinning and now your puking my guts out in front of the cool kids beside the lemonade stand. 25 yrs later you look back at day.

Satan nic owned me that long. The cool kids were not very cool at all. Most of them I never talked to again after that night. Only one thing the cool kids gave me was this addiction to skoal. I supported skoal for 25yrs giving the big guys (owners) everything they ever wanted. It wasn’t tell my 9 yr old boy asked what cancer is. That day at 3:40 I spit my rub out, laid that can of skoal straight on the dash and told Satan no more of this bullshit.

One day while doing homework with the kiddos I found this website called ktc. At that time around 20 days into my quit. My head pounding, jaw ready to fall out, sores in mouth like never before, throat so sore I can barely swallow. I start reading post after post realizing I’m not the only person fighting Satan. I joined my quit group, I start posting roll, I exchanged some digits, I text a few going what the hell am I doing?? Well that one day when your just about ready to break down, cave in and throw that pinch in. I reached out to vet. If it wasn’t for ktc, the bond of brotherhood in my Jan quit group and the support of vets. I would of never seen triple digits. One last thing Fuck you Satan nicotine I’m going to keep pounding your ass back to hell!!!

Peace out Dbrown83 Jan 2021 fiends in low places

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Dbrown83

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3 years ago

Any advice on fake dip products. I used mint snus and wintergreen skoal. I had a relapse yesterday. But I’m still battling on. The withdrawal symptoms are still very much present. Feel like I’m in a fog.

3 years ago

Day 4 into my quit. I’ve used some sort of tobacco product, cigarettes, dip, snus, since I was 16 years old. I’m 37 now, so 21 years. I’ve quit a few times before, once I even made it almost 2 years. But I’ve always come back to tobacco. This time I really want to be done with it. The withdrawal has been just terrible this time around! And I don’t want to go through this again. I know there is light at that end of the tunnel, it’s just hard to see at day 4.

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