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Gum Grafts – I’ve Had 5!

Gum GraftsI’ve had 5 gum grafts (maybe more? I have honestly lost count).. they are painful as hell… they never put me to sleep when I get them.. they lay your ass back in a dentists chair under a bright ass light.. you have to keep your mouth wide open for an eternity.. after a while your jaws cramp so damn bad you have to take breaks.. they will give you a lot of numbing agent at first in the roof of your mouth and in your gums on both sides (inside  outside of your gums) because the stitches go all the way through your gums.. the first few shots are really the only ones that actually hurt, because after that it is numb..

There are several bad parts of this procedure.. my least favorite is when they cut the hunk of skin out of the roof of your mouth.. they pretty much have you blind folded and your numb as hell.. still you can tell because the dr says “open wide”.. the scalpel goes into the roof of your mouth and you immediately taste blood.. because it runs into the back of your throat.. (this is one good thing about being a dipper.. we have an auto shut off back there and we can block from swallowing!) after the dr. makes the first few slices there.. eventually they have to saw the hunk of skin off

THIS IS THE PART I HATE.. you head moves with the sawing action! by this time they have already completely pulled  scraped what is left of your gums in the bottom away from your teeth as to put the newly cut piece from the roof of your mouth.. this next part irks the shit out of me.. my dr always lays the hunk of skin from the roof of my mouth on my shoulder until she is ready to put it into place.. then.. finally when she is ready.. the hunk of meat from the roof of my mouth.. it is tightly packed between my old gum (whats left of it)  my teeth.. then it is stitched into place.. with a rather large needle that goes all the way through your teeth and gums and back around to neatly sew the new hunk of gum into place.. the entire time this is happening the assistant is sucking blood from your mouth and throat with a large tube.. under the blindfold you can see massive amounts of blood going through the tube.. once were done.. a piece of plastic called a stint is placed in the roof of your mouth, to keep you from bleeding..

for the next week or so it is very soft food and eating on one side of your mouth.. very slowly and carefully not to rip anything away from the gum or hit the roof of your mouth.. you are incredibly swollen and sore for a few days..often during the 1st few nights you bleed from the roof of your mouth while sleeping and gag on bloodÂ… now just imagine being so addicted that within hours of leaving this surgeryÂ… you want to dip so badly that you put a dip into your top lip just to get your nic fix..

Never has a gum graft ever stopped me from dipping.. only when I got tired of all the shit did I stop.. when I got tired of being a fucking slave and paying big money to be the slave. Today even though its only been 12 days.. I still want to dip a few times a day.. but you know what.. I don’t have to! Gone are the days when I have a surgery and I cannot even make it through the rest of the day and I have to pack that shit into my top lip to get the fix.. tell me I am not an addict! I am totally an addict.. if you are here.. guess what?? You probably are too. Today I am so thankful.. I do not have to dip!

The nic bitch has lost her fucking power today boys.. I respect the shit out of her because I know what she can do to me.. but today I say no thanks.. actually I say Fuck You and all the pain that comes with you.. I am free today! Thanks fellas! Gooch

NOTE: This piece written by forum member Gooch

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