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The Journey of My Quit In Movies Scenes

KillTheCan LogoA Beautiful Mind:

John Nash has a moment where he realizes what is real and what isn’t. His wife who wants desperately to support him has finally given up when Nash won’t admit he has hallucinations that impact the well being of her and the baby. As she exits, John has an epiphany. He runs out and tells her “They never get old”. Years have gone by but the people in the hallucinations haven’t aged. He finally figures out the difference between reality and mind tricks.

For years, as a ninja dipper, my hallucination companion was tobacco. My wife wanted me to quit and like John, I tried to get help but I never believed I had a problem. He realized that his hallucinations were deceiving him, since the people in them never aged. I realized that I was addicted to and deceived by tobacco (Nicotine).

The Matrix:

Reality; as perceived by most humans is actually a simulated reality, created by sentient machines to pacify and subdue the human population. Computer programmer “Neo” is drawn to the rebellion against the machines. He is presented with the fact that he has been living in a fantasy. As he learns of this he is given a choice – the red pill or the blue pill. He could take the blue pill and stay in an ignorant state of illusion or the red pill and embrace the sometimes painful truth of reality. Neo chooses the red pill and becomes a fighter for the rebellion.

I came into chat and met dippshit (My Morpheus). On March 14th about 2:30PM, I spit out my blue pill and chose the red pill. My quit began and I needed to embrace the sometimes painful truth of reality. No longer could nicotine simulate the reality of my life through a tin can. Now I discover life and rebel against my captor.

Rocky III:

Something is holding Rocky back. He isn’t engaged. He knows how to train and what to do but the magic is missing in his training to fight Clubber. Rocky is looking off into the ocean, his wife comes up to him and confronts him. She keeps on him because she wants the truth. He yells back and says, “why are you putting my through this, Adriane?” He finally confesses that he is afraid. She tells him that it is okay to be afraid – he’s human. He looks at her and asks how she got to be so tough. She looks into his eyes and says, “Because I married a fighter.”

Day 28, I was looking out into the ocean of my future. “I can’t do this anymore.” The nicotine addiction is too powerful and I will cave someday. Why go through all this when caving is only a matter of time? I called for support and confessed to my wife. I am afraid this is a fight I can’t win. I confessed to my trainers on KTC that I wasn’t going to post on day 29. I will keep my promise today, but I am not promising tomorrow. They got me to post day 29, I am so glad I called and didn’t cave. My wife said to let fear motivate me to always stay quit, not to paralyze me into a cave. My wife married a fighter!


The only way they can be free is to fight. England finally crosses the line with all the injustice in their rule. William Wallace and his fellow Scottish villagers slaughter the English garrison and he puts the Sheriff up against a pole. There is a moment of pause as Wallace stares into the soul of the Sherriff. Wallace slices his throat. So begins a war with England to gain freedom from evil rule.

On day 29 of my quit, with the aid and help of my village (KTC) I overcame and fought my fear of tobacco. This was the day I went from believing I was quit to knowing I was quit. I would rather die than live in bondage and worship nicotine again. So like William, I declared war, imagined cutting the throat of tobacco. I knew that there would be more battles with nicotine, but the war I needed to win was to control my addiction. I wasn’t afraid, I liked the war! Our village on KTC is united to fight and we will fight until the end. There is no cure and there is no mercy. Either we spill the blood of addiction, or addiction will spill ours. This is a war for our very freedom, for our very lives! I woke up on day 30 with this strength and understanding that I was winning and I could fight and control my addiction to nicotine. The triggers and battles were challenges but I fought and would never kneel and swear my allegiance to nicotine. NEVER! United we can win our individual wars. All influenced me but my greatest moments of weakness I must thank…Mrs. Thomas and my 3 kids, Suck-it, Grizzly, WT, Rgross, Wastepanel, Rockeman, Stunt, Froman, Gonzo, GoldenDomer, DippShit, TBenny, Weatherman, Stitch. You all inspired me and expected more out of me than what I thought I was capable of. Thanks for teaching me how strong I truly can be. Thanks for being able and ready to save my life!

The Natural:

Roy Hobbs is seduced by Harriet Byrd who lures him to a hotel room, and then shoots him. It is later revealed Byrd kills rising athletes. Roy disappears for years but returns to the game. He lost opportunities of his youth from the day he was seduced but he came back to have his moments of victory and glory. Even though he got his life back in baseball, he was faced with conflicts, bribes, and extortion. It wasn’t easy but he was determined to make things right. He ultimately triumphs and the final scene fades to a wheat field bathed in sunlight, with Hobbs playing catch with his son, as his wife watches. In the end, he is triumphant and at peace.

I have missed out on many opportunities because of my addiction to nicotine. I was in the seductive embrace and my mind was poisoned for years. The wholesome living and being married for 21 years with 3 children is my greatest victory. After breaking the spell that was upon me, I am more in love with my wife and my family today. It is a triumphant victory to enjoy simple and precious truths of life. I now have my freedom to love, my freedom to be a man of my word, my freedom to stand as a successful quitter and my freedom from vice!

A Beautiful Mind:

In 1994, Nash is honored by his fellow professors for his achievement in mathematics, and goes on to win the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics for his revolutionary work on game theory. The movie ends as Nash and Alicia leave the auditorium in Stockholm; Nash sees Charles, Marcee, and Parcher (people from his hallucinations) standing to one side, watching him.

As I approach and celebrate the accomplishment of entering the HOF. I celebrate with my family and hear the applause of KTC brothers. As I walk into my life, I still see my hallucination of tobacco in the background. I understand that there is no cure to addiction. You can only identify, abstain and ignore its call.

If you are a nicotine addict I challenge you not to plan your quit but to spit it out NOW. Quit and KTC will give you the plan, knowledge, will power and focus to win back your freedom.

Not now, not today, I am quit day by day.

Not the end… This is my new beginning!

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Mthomas3824

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