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Here Goes Nothin…

Happy St. Patricks' Day From KillTheCan.org!I know this is long, maybe boring, and in some places might not make sense but this is the truth.

Im not going to sit here and tell you this is the easiest thing i have ever done. In fact to be honest its been the hardest. Rodeos, parties, fishin, huntin, breaks at work, even when we see people on the streets enjoyin a puff or enjoyin a spit. We all see tabacco everyday. Its the most addicting substance known to man. Its also one of the most harmfull.

I had been thinking about quitting for a while. Hell i tried a ton of time but the furthest i got was like 3 days. All my friends were like dont be a pussy its not going to give you cancer. But everytime i had to spit in my spit cup i felt discusting, or having those grains stuck in my finger nails or having ppl not get too close cause of I had cope breath. I remember all the times when i had no money. I would search and search for coins or ask friends for money knowning i would have to pay them back. Instead of food, gas, or something i really needed i would search or even steal the change from other ppls trucks or cars just cause i needed snuff. If you knew me back then there was hardly a time that i would have a dip in. I remember all those 3 am runs to the closest gas station to get a can. And worst is i dipped copenhagen long cut which i belive is the most expensive snuff out there. I wouldnt dip anything but that. I really was the nic bitchs bitch.

I actually gave up quitting cause i thought i couldnt win. I had tried everything and i do love dipping and well i wasnt going to get cancer. Then one night i was roaming the net and i found this site. I honestly dont remember who all i was talking too but i remember i had bought 2 cans that day. I even had a dip in when i was talking to these ppl. Finally they brought me to the reality that the more you put in that snuff the better chances you have to getting it. I even saw all the cancer pics and youll never believe i still wasnt sold. I still thought well that will never happen to me. Until someone made me read the thomas kern story. Thats when it really hit. If yall havent red it yall need too. I had just gotten engaged and have always been a really big family man and so i realised that could happen to me.

A thing ppl dont realise is the nic bitch doesnt go after a certain group of ppl. I have read stories of ppl who have been dipping 50 yrs to only 1 yr. Everyone and anyone can get cancer. There is a famous commercial that comes to mind too. Its the new tabacco commercial. There is a cowboy on there singing from one of those boxes. I dont know what they are called but its where the only way to talk is by pressing that box on your throught. Anyway he sings you dont always die from tabacco. Sometimes they just cut out your toungue sometimes you loose a lung or your gum. And so i thought to myself i am payin for a product that someday will kill me. Its kinda like playing russian roulette. If you dont know what that is its like putting one bullet in a revolver, spinning the is around and then put it in your mouth then pull the trigger. You never know if that chamber is going to be the empty ones or that one with bullet. Its the same thing with snuff. Everytime you put a dip in its like another game of it. You risk your life with both. Its not a game im willing to play no more.

I know this might be long and ppl might be getting bored but ppl its so important for you to quit and stay quit. If you dont want to do if for you then fine do it for your family cause they are the ones that are going to have to deal with either the cost of surgeries or the cost of the funeral or the loss of you. Your kids wont come home to there dad or mom, wives or girl friends wont have a husband to come home to. Just think about that everytime you spit that tabacco you spit in your family and friends face. Telling them you dont care enough about them to quit. Snuff is more important than them. Fuck a whole bunch of that.

It will never be easy to quit. YOU WILL HAVE SOME ROUGH DAYS but you WILL HAVE some good days too. Think of it this way at least you have another day to feel anything.

anyways ill wrap it up by saying thank you to all you guys and girls on this site. I could NOT have made it without you. I will be on this site til the day i die. I owe you ppl cause without yall i might not be here.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member txcowboy

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