2013 HOF Speeches

HOF POEM: The Quit By Wiks

Hall of Fame KTC 5I awaken with boiling blood through my veins
Where are you? I want you, I miss you, I need you today
Zip, rip, twist and dip
Aaaahhhh….. there you are, take the buzz away

Coffee and cereal as morn has come
I want you again, I miss you, I need you
Throw one in, dip and spit
Our journey continues

From sunrise to moonrise the juice keeps flowing
The tingle comes and goes. I want to break free. I am at the brink
She wants me, she misses me, she fools me
She comforts me once again or so I think

The morning comes. The light has shown. I have awoken
I will stand my ground and will not sit
The bitch will be slayed but never forgotten
For I AM an addict and today I QUIT

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Wiks

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