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HOF Speech – NAFAR

kchad90 avatarBefore KTC I didn’t realize there was life without dip. The Nic Bitch had been with me for almost 10 years. Sweet, seductive, and sly as she is, I honestly didn’t think I had it in me to quit. I had tried many times to quit before, and failed. She had a strong hold on me and didn’t have any plans of letting go. I needed a way to defeat her, but I didn’t know what or how to do it.

I stumbled across KTC while doing an internet search about quitting tobacco. I clicked on the site and started reading. I got up from where I was sitting, walked over to the garbage, grabbed a brand new tin out of my pocket, and dumped it out. After dumping it out in the garbage I just stood there, dumbfounded. What the hell did I just do? Finally I found myself posting an intro and eventually posting roll.

Damn, what a crazy 100 days it has been with the 2017 Madhouse. I wouldn’t change it for anything. The Madhouse members really are a bunch of bad ass quitters. On days I was feeling weak, I would sign on and find strength. When facing doubt, I was reassured. When facing craves, they had my back. When feeling complacent, they provided entertainment. Through all the pissing and cock measuring contests, I can honestly say, I wouldn’t be quit without any of you.

From the late posters to the post and ghosters, from the retreads to the serial cavers, from the special snowflakes to the special butterflies, these are all the reasons that this site works. We learn and grow from each others’ mistakes and also from our successes. We are here today and quit because of each other. That is the one common goal that all quitters here have in common, we are all addicts and fighting the same battle. We are quit for one day at a time and each day we make that promise to ourselves and each other.

Now that I have reached 100 +1s the question becomes, what next?
I am committed to staying with KTC for the next 100+ days, so what direction does a quitter take after the big 100? For me, I’m going to try to keep engaging with my quit group. I’m also going to spend time helping the new quitters reach their goals. After all, paying it forward is another way of staying active in your quit while also doing for others what has been done for you. If a quitter should know anything about hitting their 100th day, it should be this, there is no such thing as a 100 day cure for an addict. For those who plan to leave after 100 days I say don’t, you are not ready yet. 100 days quit compared to almost 10 years dipping is hardly a dent. An addict will always be an addict and we must remember why we are here. Accountability + Brotherhood = Success. We couldn’t do it on our own, but together we stand strong and united against the Nic Bitch.

Many of the people that I have seen not make it have shared things in common. I have seen these people in my group as well as others. Drinking to much is a danger to your quit. Continuously posting late is a danger to your quit. Missing days is a danger to your quit. Not drinking the cool aid is a danger to your quit. Not building upon the brotherhood and communicating with your group is a danger to your quit. These are all things I have seen as a slippery slope leading down a long desolate road to the middle of nowhere. Often times these things lead straight to a cave or a disappearing act.

My passion is quitting, my hope is that others will drink the cool aid, heed the warnings, and remain quit. There are a few specific people I would like to thank for helping to free me from the Nic bitch. Although not part of the site, my wife and kids have been a huge support in my quit. Spousal support is more important than many realize and the spousal support section on KTC really helped us as a family.

I would also like thank Candoit for reaching out to me so early on. He truly helped toughen me up and made me ready to face the nic Bitch. He invested a lot of time in me, my quit, and our Madhouse bake sales. I would also like to thank JimJamRustlin. He has shared huge amounts of knowledge with me and helps keep me accountable each and every day as well.

I would like to thank Clemte for reaching out as well. Thank you for joining the PTSA and participating in the Madhouse bake sales. What shit shows huh? I wouldn’t trade it for anything. One of the biggest terms to stay with me I learned from this site, NAFAR!!!! (Never Again For Any Reason)

I have had amazing support from others as well both on and off the site. Wepdoc, Gentgeen, Elizabeth, Elkslayer, Harvestgirl, Tiswritten, Brown71, Vicedawg, MrLentz, Ruby, Pab, Batdad, you are all bad ass quitters and have helped me so much. There are many people who have helped my my quit and still many more to come.

Thank you all,



NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member kchad90

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