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Don’t Isolate Yourself

Kill The Can member Chick (July 2015) dropped this little piece of brilliance on our Discord server the other day and I just had to share it. Isolation is a tool the Nic Bitch (and other addictions) will use… don’t fall for it. Don’t isolate. Embrace the suck and the community around you.

Isolation Feature
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Don’t isolate yourself

Addiction exists within a person, and whenever addicts become preoccupied or act in addictive ways, this forces them to withdraw, to isolate themselves from others.

The longer an addictive illness progresses, the less a person feels the ability to have meaningful relationships with others.

How incredibly sad. Addiction is an experience that changes people forever, and recovery from addiction is a lifelong process. Old habits die hard. Key to success in recovery is the opening of doors and the embracing of relationships and community. The bond of isolation and addiction must be broken. There is no place for isolation or untruth. … “Recovery is the continued acceptance of addiction and the continuous monitoring of the addictive personality in whatever form it may take.”

Being alone is not the answer, we are a team, a group, a family, a forum who relies on each other.

Don’t isolate yourself

Don't Isolate Yourself

Original link (for Discord members) can be found here.

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