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How I Work My Quit

KillTheCan WorkingEveryone talks about how your quit is not over after HOF but just the beginning. They also talk about taking your quit hour by hour, minute by minute & day by day. I kind of combine all of those aspects into my quit. I have a HOF every 100 days. I am currently working on my 5th HOF. I am like all you an addict, a slave to nicotine. I remember how hard I worked those first one hundred days to stay clean and free and I want to stay that way. So I decided to have multiple HOF’s throughout my quit and I celebrate them by having a nice meal with my wife and son. I mark my calendar off everyday after I post in my groups and look forward to the next day when I do it all over again. So in your quit, look to see what has worked for you to get you where you are at right now and do that over and over again. Our main goal here is to beat nicotine everyday for a lifetime.

NOTE: This piece written by forum member bubblehed668

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