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I Quit and Grew a Third Ball!

Hall of Fame KTC 6(We’re supposed to write a HOF speech on our two-year anniversary, right?)

I can recall the night I decided to quit two years ago like it was yesterday. I was up late on vacation in Maui and surfing the web for a support forum or something and stumbled across KTC. I made the decision to quit (again), spit out my last dip and dumped the rest of the can in the toilet. That was two years ago today. The only differences between that night and the hundreds (or thousands?) of other times I quit was that I actually meant it and had signed up on the KTC forum. The next day I did my quit duty and posted my day 1 promise to stay quit that day. The reason I am still quit is because of what I learned on this site and the support of the 3-balled quitters of May 2011. I made the conscious decision to quit and never put another dip in my mouth. I didn’t decide to try or to give it my best shot. I decided that failure was not an option for any reason, ever. Over the last two years and still, the guys and girls I met on KTC educated me on the depth of my addiction, what all that bullshit addict justifying self-talk was about, and how keeping your word to a bunch of strangers you’ve never met can save your life. I learned about burning your boat (look it up on KTC) and the difference between good intentions / pausing your addiction and deciding that, without fail, the only option is to stay quit, one day at a time. In two years, I haven’t so much as been tempted. You could leave an open can of Cope on my dashboard or wave it in front of me and it wouldn’t phase my quit. Taking a dip just isn’t an option.

Here’s the point to all my rambling. KTC works, but the only way to permanently stay quit is to decide to quit and do it. If you still wish you could dip or think you would be tempted while drunk or with your buddies or whatever then you need to look inside and decide whether you really want to quit or just give it your best shot. Thanks to the May 2011 3-Ballers for the last two years! I promise to stay quit for the rest of the day. See you tomorrow for the same promise.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Junkman

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