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I’m Quit – F%&K You If You’re Not

Samsdad109 avatarI am selfish.

If I were alone in this world, I would never have quit dip.

I loved to dip. I’m sure that if I had one now, I’d love it

We all would.


We as quitters found something…a person in our lives, an epiphany, a white spot?


As much as I know that cancer would result from my behavior, I am and have always been of the “I’ll deal with it when it comes school”.

When I learned that Beth was preganant with Sam, I swore to myself that I was done with dip.

I lasted less than 3 months.

I lasted less than three months after I swore that I would quit for my unborn son.

This is addiction.

I continued to dip until Sam was almost 1.5 years old.

This is addiction mixed with selfishness mixed with naive optimism.

This formula equals death.

I did NOT quit for me. I don’t care what anyone says. I was too selfish to quit for me. I enjoyed my poison so much that I did not care about the consequence.

Have you ever been out drinking, and knew that it was time to go? Did you ever consider this thought while you ordered your next beer? And your next?

This is called “I can handle this”.

Maybe you can.

But your kids can’t.

Your wife can’t.

Your mom can’t.

Addiction can trick you out of self preservation.

Who cares about you?

Your kids do. Your wife does…so does your Mom.

I do too. For the most part…dicks.

I came here because I needed somthing that would serve as a support system to an earnest effort. And I soon realized that joining a bunch of fellas with your exact situation is the way to go…the only way to go.

I joined a support group..and they supported me. I like to think that maybe I supported them.

Some people from some groups (2/09) came in & decided that they were part time quitters.

They came in at day 1, posted for a bit, and then tried to claim glory at day 100.

These folks thought a part time quit was sufficient.

Fuck you, part time quitters. Get in the boat, or fucking drown. Do not water-ski.

Use your fucking head.

I need to thank certain people for this.

Ricko is my brother from an unspelling mother. My man…I hope you teach math.

BBJ is the pinnacle of this site. His dedication knows no bounds…thank you my friend.

Smokes…if I knew how to work this new fangled computer, you’d be the left half of my brain.

Chewie…deals well with retards.

Kevinsravens & RC – do not play well with retards…sometimes I get ornery..you boys keep me in line. I need that shit. Thanx.

Ready – showed me the way on day -1.

44 – owes me a beer next time I go to …err ahhh Massachusetts.

Sam – I owe you all. I love you buddy.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Samsdad109

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